100 Recycled PET Water Bottles

The PET water bottle: a revolution!
A new bottle of 1.5 L pet (Polyethylene terephthalate) hits the market: the PET is unalterable, flexible, resistant, neutral, plastic PET allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the bottles.
Lighter, stronger, more flexible, PET water bottle is as transparent as glass.

What is PET?

Plastic water bottles (PET) is a package to sift through public health Code and the European Food Regulation (Regulation No. 1935/2004 and Article R. 1322-36 of the Code of public health). PET is a high polymer with no additive.
Containing phthalates or bisphenol A, it presents a very high chemical inertia in the water.
Did you know?

How do I know if a bottle plastic is pet?

There is a triangular logo composed of three arrows, with a number listed in figure in the middle of these three arrows. If you see Figure N ° 1, in addition with the PET sign engraved underneath, you then guarantee it comes packing a PET.
Water bottles

There is No bisphenol A in water bottles.
The plastic bottles used to bottle water consist only of plastic PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), guarantee of health and food safety.

ANSES (National Agency for safe health food, environment, work) said in a statement “There are no Bisphenol A in bottles of mineral water”.

“Bisphenol A, chemical component in objects of everyday life, is present in some rigid type polycarbonate do not confuse plastics with water bottles (PET) plastic that has never contained this type of molecule.

At the request of the entire profession, ANSES has indeed carried out a study to assess the concentration of Bisphenol A in water intended for human consumption.

The conclusion of this study is final:
For the waters conditioned (water bottles): no presence of bisphenol A were found in waters 50 packaged in bottles of water in PET… or even, also in waters 10 packaged in aluminum cans!