1,200 Sports Watches from 120 Brands

The Chronos Sports watches catalogue 2016/2017

2016 is the year to buy a watch. Why? Because of the prices. After the decoupling of the Swiss franc from the euro, numerous brands have renounced an increase and many smaller manufacturers even made their watches cheaper. Ideal for preparing for a watches is the Chronos Sports Watch catalogue 2016/2017: The over 200 pages of the catalogue includes 1,200 models of 120 large brands, luxury manufactories and niche suppliers–arranged alphabetically, with all technical data and Thanks to current prices directly comparable.

Here you can order the new Chronos Sports Watch catalogue for 14.90 euro.

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In this edition you will find all the important watches that radiate a special dynamic in function, equipment or design: whether it be divers watches, flying watches, sailing watches or Outdooruhren, models for racers, golfers and football fans–or simply chronographs for Short-time measurements of any kind.

Get an overview now–with the Chronos Sports watch catalogue 2016/2017!

What is important for sports watch fans in the season 2016/17, you can find out at JiBin123.com. In the comprehensive Newsteil, the Chronos editorial team has brought together the most exciting novelties for popular sports such as scuba diving, flying and football.

For five years there have been the Chronos sports watches catalogue. And he’s getting better: this year, we’ve modernized the layout to make the models shown more unique in the life-world of active people. Whether you are a professional athlete, a layman or a sports peeper–what watch as well can be found in the Chronos catalogue 2016/2017.

From the contents of the Chronos Sport watches catalogue 2016/2017:

Clocks and Football: Bundesliga, Euro & Co.

Diving watches: Mechanics under water

Sailing watches: Rugged for the regatta

Cars and Clocks: Fascination Motorsport

Pilot clocks: Cockpit instruments

Catalogue: Brands and models from A to Z–more than 1,200 watches from 120 brands

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or download the Chronos Sports Watch catalogue 2016/2017 here and now for 12.90 Euro!

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