Who makes sports, certainly also at has sore muscles. This is the annoying side effect if you once again has gone beyond its limits and the body tells that it was too much. But what gives relief?


We have compiled for you our three favorites:



The first steps are still overcome, but then the pain disappears after. Movement is here but not that you should jog 10 km or go to the gym but slight movement. A walk, easy walking or yoga help in the fight against the muscle pain.



What needs the muscle regeneration are nutrients. In the case of sore muscles are the magnesium and calcium. Therefore you must but didn’t run to the nearest Pharmacy and buy tablets!

A healthy breakfast of oatmeal, banana and milk perfectly sufficient and tastes even better than pills!


Rubbing alcohol

The old adage applies here zuMedikamenten: “If it’s not, then it helps!” in the converted form:

“If it smells then it helps!”

Rubbing alcohol, so we must unfortunately admit, not necessarily belongs, with you like to rub is, before you go into the public. What we do know but sure: rubbing alcohol stimulates the blood circulation and relieves the pain of sore muscles, there one can overlook even the little own smell, or?

What are your home remedies for sore muscles? Have we forgotten about your opinion the best remedy for sore muscles? Write it to us in the comments!