5 Best Road Bike Wheels

When looking for the best road bike wheels, it is still important to identify models for each discipline. Look at the selection of the 5 best wheels of roads in this article.

Mavic R-Sys SLR for passes and mountains

Cut to the passes and the mountain, wheels Mavic R-Sys SLR arise under the sign of stiffness and lightness. They rank among the lightest aluminium wheels on the market for a weight of only 1 295 grams a pair, without tires. The R-Sys SLR need this lightness to the Maxtal, an alloy offering considerable returns in weight and increased strength. The rims are also treated the Exalith 2, and provide excellent reliability of braking in any circumstance. Mavic team its R-Sys SLR carbon and Zicral spokes. The 16 spokes of the wheel at the front are mounted in a radial lacing to increase earnings in lightness and rigidity. The 20 spokes of the rear wheel Meanwhile met side free and mounted wheel in radial on the opposite side. This configuration enhances the nervousness of the R- Sys SLR, which are more reactive in reminders.

Wheels Mavic R-Sys SLR performance are optimized with the Yksion Pro tires, equipped with protections anti-puncture Kevlar and nylon, with a unit weight of 190 grams. Stability and handling are improved especially in the descents and turns. The R- Sys SLR Mavic bow however in the face of other wheels on the flat ground of the fact of their light weight and low inertia.

Mavic Ksyrium SLR 2015, for the mountains and the Plains

Wheels Mavic Ksyrium SLR 2015 fall into the directory of the versatility. This latest release is both lighter and more dynamic than the SLR 2013. The more rounded profile of the rims with a height of 24 mm at the front and 26 mm at the rear improves their aerodynamics and offer a gain in lightness to the Ksyrium SLR 2015, including the pair without tire weighs 1 355 grams. A criterion that aligns them among the best wheels of the market climb. Exalith 2 treatment also ensures reliability and precision of the braking in all weather conditions on the descents.

The radial spoking to 18 rays in front, and mixed radial/crow-foot to 20 rays on the back provide a high reactivity of the wheels in reminders. On the flat, wheels Mavic Ksyrium SLR 2015 offer the advantage of the fluidity and velocity, thanks to the profiled carbon and Zicral spokes. This profile can be debilitating on the stability of the bike out of the crosswinds. Wheels tires, Mavic Ksyrium SLR 2015 are still very versatile and suitable as well for the mountain Plains and valleys.

Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50, passes and mountains

These wheels are the must of the cycling road, for competitors, but are also the cyclosport. Indeed, the Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 in full carbon have an exceptional rigidity, without affecting comfort. Weighing only 1 215 grams for the version to hose, these pairs of wheels profiled 50 mm materialize your performance on the bike lights offered by EBICYCLELIGHTS.COM, as well as climb. They are also available in a version with tire for a weight of 1 435 grams.

The Bora Ultra 50 benefit from new technology 3Diamond, greatly improving the progressivity and precision of the braking. This reliability is relieved by asymmetrical shelving ensure excellent lateral stiffness in the phases of attack. Transverse stiffness is not left and increases the nervousness of the wheels through the optimal transmission of the strength of pedaling from the hub. The Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 should this responsiveness to carbon, mixed shelving radial/cross hubs and ceramic balls, which also improve the velocity on flat or hilly terrain.

Shimano Dura Ace WH-9000 C24 CL, for the mountains and valleys

Shimano Dura Ace WH- 9000 C24 CL wheels present themselves as allies of choice for the cyclosport and competitors. Available at a very attractive price/quality report these tires wheels are exceptionally rigid, while being comfortable. Shimano worked wonderfully carbon alliance to aluminum to develop these light and reliable wheels under braking. The pair of wheels weighs 1 409 grams for a profile of 24 mm. On the mountains or the Plains, rims wheels mixed aluminum/carbon Dura Ace WH-9000 C24 CL offer an experience of Nice cycling through their aerodynamics. Profile rays can however affect the stability and the direction out of the crosswinds. They contribute to increase the responsiveness of the wheels through shelving crow-foot joint and radial. To improve the ability of working capital and the longevity of the Dura Ace WH-9000 C24 CL, Shimano has adopted a freewheel titanium body.

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 C for sprint

Typed high-level practices and competition, wheels tires, Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 C are needed here or his sisters, the CXR 80 C may encounter some difficulties. It’s so rims wheels mixed aluminum/carbon smoother, better adapted to the Plains and valleys than Mavic has developed for a weight of 1 825 grams, the pair without tires. The aluminum braking track take Exalith 2 technology which reduces the substantial braking distance. The CXR 60 C inherit CX01 technology which reduces substantially the shear of the air between the tyre and the rim. The aerodynamics of the wheels is greatly improved, as profiled rays provide better penetration into the air. Furthermore, the radial spoking on the front provides lateral stiffness during phases of attacks. Radial/cross joint shelving at the back Meanwhile provides responsiveness and optimal transverse rigidity.