A New Love

Exceptionally, it’s accessories for my new love not about an ordinary. No, it’s about a means of transport. Specifically, a bike and a classic ladies Dutch. I had lost the desire somewhat to cycling, after several Sundays with family bike tours where all happy Crest behind each other here. At some point I have cursed these days and hence my bike. After moving to the beautiful city of Nuremberg, I did everything on foot for the first time. But soon established that there are corners in Nuremberg, who are just too far. The request came up after a wheel. To overcome the hatred of the cycling, the bike had to look good above all else, and pleasure when you sit on it. So began my search and ended only when I found this gem from the Electra brand. It was love at first sight. Especially the color (currently an absolute favorite color, but I’m still at a later date) it had made me immediately. Unfortunately most other lovers, because it was sold out everywhere. I remained so throughout the summer on a waiting list and was overjoyed to receive in September to take the wheel. Since then you can see just yet so roll me through Nuremberg.
On a beautiful Sunday morning, I pulled this dress out of the closet, the color similarity to the wheel will immediately notice any, threw on my favorite Teddy jacket and rolled to a wonderfully delicious brunch. After strengthening with waffles and other delicious things, then not only the outfit had to be held, of course, also the bike allowed to something before the camera poses.

I wish everyone a wonderful start to the week!