ABIMOTA Contests Conclusion of Helmet Safety Study

ABIMOTA – National Association of Two-Wheeler, Furniture, and Related Industries contests the findings of a study by a researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Aveiro that stated that internationally certified helmets would not provide safety to motorcyclists, even An impact speed of 25 to 30 km/h.

According to Paulo Rodrigues, Secretary General of ABIMOTA, which has the only Certified Helmet Tests Laboratory in the Iberian Peninsula,”there were precipitations in the conclusions”. 
Paulo Rodrigues explains that before being certified by the ABIMOTA Testing Laboratory, the different types of helmets are subjected to an enormous amount of tests, one of the main being that”is obtained in the fall machine”. Here on Travelationary, the helmet is subjected to an acceleration of 275 G’s, which generates”a violent impact”.
“The main concern is to assess whether the impact hits the user’s head, causing injury. So, what we analyze is the shock absorber capacity of the helmet and not just a multiplication of the test speed result,”said Paulo Rodrigues, adding that for each helmet model, ABIMOTA tests 50 units.
According to the secretary general of ABIMOTA, the study”does not call into question the current safety standards”, although, of course,”all standards can be revised and improved”. However,”it conveys the misconception that the industry fails to protect and quality, which is not true. The national manufacturers make a huge investment in safety, disposing themselves in the product development phase of fall-like machines used in certification and are still required to certify the helmets in independent laboratories, as is the case of ABIMOTA.”