AGV Corsa Replica-Guy Martin

An AGV that combines the performance of a track helmet, features a road helmet, and a radical replica paint used by the English”Daredevil”, Road Racing rider and Guinness record hunter.

The AGV Corsa is a helmet with a tricomposite cap(Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass) that gives it a very low weight and a high resistance. A special focus was given to aerodynamics, enhanced by computer simulation techniques, which also helped to improve the ventilation system of three front(which can be closed) and two rear exhaust slots. 
But the entire system was designed to remove as much heat and moisture from the biker’s head as possible. Materials such as Lycra and Shalimar promote evaporation while exhibiting antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. The garment care is such that in any contact area of ​​the head liner there are stitches on investtops.

The interior lining is complete and easily removable and can be washed, and allows adjustments to achieve the best fit of the head in the inner shell. Also the side cushions can be sized for perfect fit and absolute comfort. In total there are three patented systems that give a perfect fit of the CORV AGV to the various head formats.
The visor hinges are metallic, ensuring a perfect fit and quick disassembly, and the VLS(Visor Lock System) front closure system contributes significantly to noise reduction and prevents any opening in the event of a fall.
The 3.3mm thick, 4-layer visor is scratch-proof and anti-fogging and provides a wide field of view with 100% UV protection, conforming to Class 1 optical parameters. You are still ready to receive”Pinlock” and”tear-off”.