Airoh Helmets

Airoh is an Italian company known in the world of motorcycling for the quality, variety and design of its helmets.   It was founded in Bergamo in 1998 by Antonio Locatelli and since then has been growing along with the best riders and champions of the world of motorcycling competitions. 

Airoh is represented in Portugal by Salgados Moto, a company that imports motorcycle accessories, based in Alcabideche, Cascais. In addition to the Italian brand, Salgados Moto also represents the brands Bering, BLH, Caberg, First Racing, Forma, Roof, among others.
The most recent helmets of the 2013 Airoh collection are the Compact open models, Aviator and Terminator offroad, Modular C100 and Integra 500 GP and Aster X.

According to elwooddeals, Salgados Moto, the model of offroad helmets that stands out in this collection is the Aviator, which is “extremely lightweight, produced in carbon and kevlar(1000gr), with generous air intakes, attractive design, Emergency quick-removal sides, calotte shape prepared for the use of the leatt brace, and tested in wind tunnel “. This model is the choice of many of the best motocross riders, including Tony Cairoli, six-time Grand Prix Motocross winner.

Regarding the integrals, the GP 500 is extremely lightweight, with a carbon-kevlar design, attractive design, quick-release emergency side linings and a wind tunnel tested. This helmet is the choice of driver Andrea Dovizioso, one of the stars of the MotoGP World Championship, who even has a GP 500 helmet with his name.
In the coming months is planned the launch of a new integral carbon and Kevlar helmet, with dark interior visor and several jet models.
You can find all the models of the 2013 Airoh collection sold in Portugal in the gallery below.