Alexander Wetterhall: Tour De San Luis

Road: Blazing heat and a time trial where the switches ran out. Alexander Wetterhall tells us about the seven-day Tour de San Luis, in Argentina.

Before we took us down to the roasting Argentina we drove a training camp in Spain, the same place that we used in december. After a week of training in the mountains around Almeria began the 38-hour journey to San Luis in Argentina.

Seven-day-long Tour de San Luis included three Sprint stages, three mountain stages and a time trial. The heat was a factor that played a major role during the fierce week. It was an average temperature around 40 degrees each day, and the thermometer peaked at number fourteen up to 43 degrees. It took its toll on me during the third phase of the 25-kilometer long climb, and so was my ranking in the total destroyed.

I put me on pace rather than being able to get away with a good result. The 19.2 km long tempo went inside the San Luis and the course was relatively flat with a little uphill gradient and headwinds on the way out to the turning point. I gave everything I had already after five kilometres and turned on at the turning point of the eighth best time of the day. But on the way back so it was not as fast as I wanted to. The team had only managed to get the regular exchanges that are not enough. When it started going up to 75 kilometres an hour in a tail wind, it was just not to run faster and I lost time. I crossed the finish line at the best time for the moment but when the really fast times began to come in so I stopped on the twelfth place. A stable position that could become more, and as I had hoped.

Otherwise, during the week we were good in the team, the cooperation works well and we managed to place many around the top 10.

Now is the time to take this with you and look forward. Already on Saturday I go on Tour-Oman there will also get sweaty! Keep your fingers crossed …