An Air Mattress Should Not Be Heavy and Juicy

The air mattress is a super practical subject, because it allows you to carry your most important piece of furniture with you – for your bed. Sleep is an indispensable part of life when your body needs rest if you need to function properly in your waking hours. The air mattress can be useful as an extra guest bed or for shorter trips and nights with acquaintances and friends. When we think about air mattress, we think mostly of the classic heavy older model that can suck the air out of even a cyclist’s lungs, for there is no oxygen or blood left in his head. In recent years the demand for more comfortable and light mattresses has increased, and therefore makes many brands of air mattresses with high comfort today. There are so many mattresses stuffed and built-in pumps.

air mattress

An air mattress with extra comfort


Prepare today’s airbeds weighs quite a bit. They are filled with delicious fiber, making them soft, and so does the filling even the mattress insulates better against the cold. These mattresses must not be inflated by mouth, as it allows moisture in the filling. On the other hand, many of them with built-in pumps, like you can buy pumps with motors. They are also quite suitable for hiking, as they are easy to carry on your back with your other outings, but it’s always nice with a light mattress – even when you’re at a festival or throw the bed with the trunk when you are going on a weekend course or at a party overnight.