Aqua Jogging: Fitness in Water

Part 3 of the fitness series: Jogging in the water-what it takes, whether it’s fun.

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Swim-many find boring. And up and running, it is often too cold and mostly too dark in the winter. How about with a combination of both-jogging in the water? Now, more and more swimming pools have aqua-jogging in the program.

Dorothée Gluderer, gymnastics and back school teacher, is aqua jogging sessions in the Hamburg Alster indoor swimming pool. It shows the different steps of the jogging in the water:

Trial lesson: Aqua-jogging in the self test editor Wiebke Peters (34) is regularly swim, and trained their performance and capacity for suffering on bike rides. She keeps fitness for mediocre. Jogging has never been her thing-but how it feels in the water, wanted to try it.

The aqua-jogging course at the Hamburg Alster game lasts 45 minutes. Luckily that was not clear before. Otherwise fear would have attacked probably after 20 minutes me, couldn’t hold out until the end: aqua-jogging is tiring–much anstrengender, as my usual half hour crawl…

Before we are participants in the water, we kill us to a harness made of solid foam. Also we pull over shoes, which also give a boost and make it more difficult so the appearance, say: increase the training effect.

First we do some leg exercises: knee alternately pull up in time with the music, the legs spread and renewed vigor pull together. The belt provides buoyancy, as well as for instability. Only strained abdominal muscles and balancing arm movement “staff” in the exercises quietly in the water, explains trainer Dorothée from off the edge of the pool.

Then we go: we go jogging in a circle, first with short fast, later with long steps. The arms are also used, dragging through the water. Already after a few minutes, I feel how kick me sweat on the forehead. In the water! An unusual feeling. I find tiring especially the arm stroke. Abdominal tension-because I think at, can hold but not all the time. Also my leg movements are to uniform the trainer tells me. I should imagine how I jump over small obstacles. This tip helps me, and finally I can do better running in the water.

After several rounds of jogging and cycling-this legs are moved evenly, what I find easier than the accented jogging-we take foam dumbbells on hand. Run an exercise-on the spot and at the same time the dumbbells laterally up and down press-I get unexpectedly with his head under water. That gives me finally some cooling. At the end, we stretch the legs, and I got the 45 minutes but training.

Bottom line: The fun factor of aqua jogging is quite high, assuming, correctly are gas and cares not about, as you can see from this. I had some trouble to think about so many things at the same time: coordination of arm and leg movements, attitude of the upper body, tension in the belly… In an hour I felt exhausted and still good, as it should be at the sport. And: contrary to my expectations, there was no muscle soreness the next day. I am considering now spice up my usual swimming program with occasional aqua jogging. Maybe I feel then also positive effects on my aching cross for the hour has brought much unfortunately.

Facts about the aqua-jogging

Dorothée Gluderer explains what is so special about aqua jogging:

“Aqua jogging, there are three steps: short, long, and the cycling step.” Different muscle groups are trained at all. Interest in this training are mainly two things: keep the balance and tighten the belly to-completely different than when running on solid ground.

Calf, thigh and the Po are trained in all types of step. At the second, long version is longer, the hip Flexors well stretched printing or chiselling phase which, which is shortened in many people-and that’s bad for your back.

Through the waterproof, the body must bear only 20 per cent of its own weight, what protects the joints. The plan gives additional lift. The training is still hard. In the winter, we often have triathletes, who want to keep fit in our courses.

Aqua-jogging is easy to learn-after about six to eight workouts you have the technology on it.”

Do you want some? Aqua-jogging is offered in many German cities. Best, please check with your local swimming pool.

Many universities have aqua-jogging in the program, some offering external access to their courses. A single card in the Alster webbed 8.40 euros for the three-quarters of an hour. If you have health problems, for example back problems, a demand might be worth when your insurance company: often the courses are funded.

Tip: Aqua jogging can be trained practical only in deep water. Ask where the course takes place-the children’s pool is used you should not book him.

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