Aqua Zinger Water Bottle

Product Information

Aqua Zingerin built-in agitator and ingenious construction that allows you to enjoy all the taste of the water with no additives or sugar and you can make it quite naturellia the taste of water kotootasi you will find in the fruit.

Thank you for all that, the Aqua Zingerin innovative property, which is extracted from the fruit, berries, and other terveellisyyksistä the taste of the water and you can make a different flavor of water even though every day!

You fill in only the bottom of the Cup the way you want it, you put the filter in place, a combination of hedelmäisellä and you screw the base onto the water in the bottle. The fruit and the berries start to irtoaamaan juices which is extracted from above the tank. Now, fill a bigger tank with water and place you have a little less than a liter’s worth of fresh and fruity taste of water with you.

According to FINANCEDNS, stainless steel water bottle structural engineer and also the fact that you can Zingailla as juomiakin, viilennysjuomia as warmer herbal iced and they remain for a long time in the desired temperature.

  • A convenient, portable water bottle
  • The double wall to keep beverages cold or hot
  • The built-in stirrer who extracted fruit flavor drink
  • No sugar or artificial substances that have been added to
  • The use of robust and durable construction
  • Size: 8 x 25 cm
  • Tonnage: 830ml