ASICS – Better Your Best

This image film of ASICs is very unusual and innovative. Threatening acts of beginning this video of Japanese sports apparel manufacturer. Will be filmed over the coarse-pored surface of a Nashornes to dull, slow tones. Until finally the motto of the marathon runner Vincent O’Neill appears: “I live for the challenges of tomorrow, not yesterday”.

The following, the film tells the story of a such unusual challenge and threatening reveals the secret of the rhinoceros in the grey area. The marathon runner Vincent O’Neill was looking for new challenges and because a single Marathon is not enough for him, he decided in a rhino costume to complete the 42 km distance.

The film told from his perspective about his motivation for this ludicrous endeavor and dreamlike, surreal images. A scenery which stimulates smile and almost dreamy. Solid and rhythmically trabend moves the grey Rhino through the dark tunnel on the road, while O’Neill talks about how much harder is it to complete a marathon in such a costume. To always back big in scene used the running shoes from ASICs, facilitating this endeavor to him.

The message is clear, because here is the sports shoe for unusual ways and new challenges, where one can still improve the best of what is there.

Vincent O’Neill runs by the way, for a good cause: “Save the Rhino” is available on his costume. But as a true seeker of new challenges, it is of course many other reasons. A rhinoceros in a marathon brings the audience to wonder and motivates others, finally no one would like to be overhauled.

A very creative, multi-faceted promotional video for ASICs, which one puts a smile on the face.