Back to Back of the Combi Cliff Backpack from Beal

Back Of The BEAL Combi Cliff Backpack In A Roadbook By Pascal LUU VAN

Finally! After years of observing the climbing bags at my rope companions, I could not understand why the manufacturers continued to position the opening on the side opposite the carrying straps: when you put the bag to open it, The side of the portage is in the ground, the dust ….

Grivel (the “Rocker” to 100 € all the same …), Edelrid and others had ended up bypassing the problem by putting the zip all around the portage side but, once opened, the portage face tilts and finds itself New to hang on the ground ….

And there, with Combi Cliff II of Béal, it is the revolution! The opening is in the back!

Backpack Combi Cliff II de Béal front view

Backpack Combi Cliff II de Béal back view

And as the back is well ventilated by a system of mesh “3D” and foam one does not smell the zipper!Neither the carrying handles, or so little when one is topless when warm. One does not feel either what is transported since the foam and the mesh are lined with a rigid interlayer. The opening is large, it makes the whole length plus the thickness of the bag. The rigid insert is rounded on the 4 corners in order to facilitate the opening of the bag once the zip has been lowered.
The straps are ergonomic and foam-filled.
Inside: 2 plastic-wrapped mat, 2 pockets / nets, 1 zipped pocket (wallet). 1 tarpaulin rope very thick 100 x 140 cm with 4 carrying handles (one red, one green).

Backpack Combi Cliff II from Béal filled with hardware

Inside the Combi Cliff II backpack from Béal

The handles and the shape of the bag when full

Outside: 2 large side pockets. 3 large and rubber carrying handles, 2 finer handles in the back on each side of the closure (convenient to help close).

Backpack Combi Cliff II de Béal

I also appreciate the design: the choice and the combination of colors, the different materials of which this strip in imitation leather backpack at HandbagPicks where the logos of Béal (Safety, Serenity, Energy, Spirit, Power) are printed. This reminds me of the period when Patrick Edlinger designed and created clothes where he used this kind of materials. Small detail that can be important the two levers of the zipper are decorated with a cord.

Unlike previous versions, the Combi Cliff II has a compact appearance, the side ”  backpack with a bump” resembling the carapace of a turtle has disappeared. And that’s good because you can put a lot of things in this bag! (to see the photo)

The entire equipment is put into the bag

I managed to get in a rope of 80m. Opera Béal (8.5 mm in diameter, not to everyone …) Draws a set of 12 “Be One” of Béal and 4 long “Spirit” Petzl, a grill insurer, a belt “Rebel” Béal, a pair of “Solution” of La Sportiva, a gourd and a thermos, my pasta salad Tupperware, a box of cakes, a chalk bag “Cocoon”, an elastic band for heating the rope tarp, Pants, a windbreaker and asweater! Tip: first hang the slings and then store the rope round; Put in the round formed by the rope the most bulky objects then … the rest!

So much for the positives. On the other hand, I noticed sewing problems at the linking of the carrying straps / top of the bag, on the bag of some climbers of the corner but I also found the evocation of this problem on the net in Forums. Mine has not escaped but without consequences at the moment, after 6 months of use.

Sewing problem detected by our tester

Another regret is the absence of a lap belt to improve portage, especially when the approach walk exceeds half an hour. Absence also of a chest strap.

By comparison and for the same price, Snap Snapack is better equipped in the matter, but less generous in volume of storage.

The success of the Combi Cliff is proof of the success of the designers. For the next model, there is no doubt that there will still be improvements!

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