Best Exercises to Eliminate Belly

The best exercises to eliminate the belly are those that work the whole body, spend many calories and strengthen several muscles at the same time. This is because these exercises increase the muscles, raising the basal metabolism causing the individual to burn more fat even while sleeping.

Best Exercises to Eliminate Belly

Some good examples of exercises to burn belly fat are:

  • Swimming: One of the most complete sports, which works every muscle. An hour of swimming burns about 700 calories.
  • Running: To run well, you must have your abdominal muscles contracted and your back straight. An hour of running burns about 900 calories.
  • Olympic Gymnastics: In this type of exercise, the center of gravity is put to the test by requesting much of the abdominal region. One hour of Olympic gymnastics burns about 900 calories.
  • Football: Although you work your legs a lot, as you have to run, this exercise burns a lot of fat. An hour of play burns about 700 calories.

Bodybuilding, localized gymnastics and Pilates classes are also great for a flat tummy, free of unwanted fat. However, to achieve optimal results it is important to perform the exercises at least 3 times a week and follow a diet low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar.

A physical trainer can prescribe a series of personalized exercises, respecting their limitations.