Best Milk Bottle for Babies

You pull your milk and your baby won’t take a bottle… I would like to talk to you about all the other ways to give her milk to her baby. Indeed, contrary to what our society would have us believe, the bottle is not an absolutely essential accessory. We can give her milk other than bottle-feeding.

The simplest when back to work and that her baby is already ‘large’ (and yes there already two and a half months!), is to offer him the milk in the Cup. It takes initially a small capacity container working like a stainless steel water bottle, at the edge of end.  A crystal glass would be ideal… but maybe a little expensive if your baby accidentally type in the glass and dropped… So let’s say that one can take a bottle cap, much less valuable. You fill it with milkhalfway and you put the edge of the glass on the lower lip of your baby; you let the milk flush to the edge without ever paying him in the mouth and it’s your baby is going to drink alone. At first, he’ll probably start by lapping up and spilling a little but very soon he will learn to drink and will take no more time to the glass to the bottle. Some babies will thus never bottle.
It’s safer if your baby is guarded by someone who is not used to this way of feeding him learn before he went into custody. Thus, only the person who will keep it must learn and she will certainly much more easily accept it if she sees that the baby can do.

A variant of the glass or Cup, it’s bec Cup. If it is provided with anti-leakage system, your baby learns to suck and some babies have trouble finding the ‘trick ‘. But it still exists in your supermarket to simply spout cups: If you spill, the milk is flowing…Some babies enjoy this system and the person who takes care of the baby like than that spills less easily than a glass.
There is also a system to halfway between the bottle and the glass, it’s the sponges.Its beak is flexible, allowing pinch it to adjust the flow of milk. The principle is this: asked the spout on the baby’s lower lip, it regulates the flow with the pressure of the fingers and let the baby drinking alone. A small Tip: use is easier if you put the nozzle on the side of the baby’s mouth. Its major drawback: something more to buy without knowing if it will suit your child.

When a baby is small, we can feed it to the finger: it is proposed the little finger, pulp upwards, on the lips and left to take it. A baby who head well bring your finger at the bottom of his mouth. But like a finger does not feed a lot, you have two alternatives: a syringe (without needle) or a DAL. If you use a syringe, you will place the tip along your finger and gently press when your baby is sucking your finger. If you are using a DAL, you will introduce the small (very thin and very flexible) pipe along your finger and milk will come when your baby Jackson your finger. It is a solution that works very well and allows the baby to exercise his movement language since it makes the same movement with the breast with your finger. Disadvantage: If your baby is drinking large quantities, it’s a little long.