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Outdoor sweater from Polyhobbies: warmth and protection for the upper body

Who is dedicated to the sport in nature, is not to stop wind and weather. The movement in the fresh air is healthy and strengthens the immune system, even or especially when it comes to even slightly wind and cooler. There is yet another advantage, if it does not belong to the pure beautiful weather athletes: often one has its route Peruvian skies, stormy winds or cool temperatures almost for itself alone. The only thing you will need for the trip in the rugged nature, is good clothing. In addition to comfortable and functional trousers and good, sturdy shoes, you need some warming revamped. A sweater designed specifically for sport activities outdoor meets all necessary requirements. He is comfortable, warm and is made of breathable material. Polyhobbies you will find a wide selection of outdoor pullover of well-known sporting goods manufacturers. The fashionable design makes it a sporty chic companion not only for sports but also for the relaxed leisure pleasure.

Outdoor sweater

Comfort and functionality in a sporty design

Outdoor pullover are the ideal tops for sporting outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, skiing, climbing or hiking. Add harmoniously athletic pants or the casual comfortable leisure look. Anti-pilling fleece sweater or modern long sleeve with mesh lining: the sporting sweaters consist of functional material combinations, providing a pleasant skin climate with cold as well as warm temperatures. A sweater made of soft, warm fleece with wind and weather is the perfect outfit for outdoor sports. Fleece is characterized by his very high heat insulation capacity in connection with a very low weight. It is soft and dries very quickly – a big advantage if you in a rain shower.

With special function sweaters, a pleasant wearing comfort is guaranteed by the incorporation of sophisticated layers even if sweat-inducing activities. Sports sweaters and shirts of synthetic fibers are breathable, easy-care, wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. In the outdoor area, the sweater made of polyester and spandex – offer for the figure-middle section – optimal properties. Therefore, they are a worthwhile part of the luggage also on longer treks and active travel domestically and abroad.


Buy outdoor pullover at Polyhobbies

At Polyhobbies see outdoor pullover in various colors, patterns and weights. Fashionable details such as stand-up collar with zipper, Kangaroo pockets, angled gradient button plackets, sport pullover hooded, embroideries and prints make ideal for sporting activities. Well-known brands such as ETIREL, ODLO, ICEBREAKER stand for high-quality craftsmanship, functional cuts and sporty design.

Outdoor sweaters

Look around right in the range of Polyhobbies and discover the fashionable and practical companion for outdoor sports. The sweaters are suitable not only for the sport, but are convenient in leisure and becoming. We have attractive outdoor pullover for men, women, and children. Order your favorites online and save their way into the business. Or would you examine rather the sweaters in person before you buy? Let is just in the nearest Polyhobbies store send them – free shipping. In the online shop as well as in the store you will find also suitable outdoor, jackets and shoes. Your next trip in the nature becomes also the fashionable experience.