Best Sunglasses for Toddlers

Also essential that a good sunscreen in this period of extreme heat, sunglasses should already be screwed on the nose of your toddler. But how to choose him a pair that effectively protect his little eyes? Olivier Jofes optician makes the point.

Best Sunglasses for Toddlers

Sunglasses: The Essential for Children

What sight of children it is more sensitive than adults to the sun? Why do we say that the sunglasses are essential to children?

Children’s eyes are more permeable than those of adults. Up to twelve years, the lens that can see almost is not fully formed and does not stop UV. Therefore care must be taken to protect with suitable sunglasses, until the child is at least twelve years.

To protect eyes from tiny, it is especially necessary to use common sense in protecting his head from the sun with a hat … From the moment the child is sitting, around 6-8 months, you can start make him wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses: What Glasses for Children?

Which lenses are recommended for children sunglasses?

For children sunglasses, priority should be given maximum security. The best is to choose glasses able to filter UV efficiently. It is therefore very important to ensure that the CE mark is present on the selected pair of sunglasses. It is a guarantee of quality and especially safety glass because the EC (European standard of protection) absorbs all the lights. The enclosure must also be stamped on the glass at the time of purchase. This index is always between 0 and 4. For the glasses of a child, the 4 index is preferable. This lens category provides a so-called protective glacier. It only allows 15% of light. It’s a real comfort to the eyes smaller.

Sunglasses: What Mount for Children?

The choice is it the frame important?

For a child, the watchword is especially comfortable! Between 0 and 5 years old, have no hesitation, choose a plastic frame, which has the advantage of not breaking or deforming. The lack of platelets in the nose will prevent the child from getting hurt when falling.

Before 2 years, the child lacks nasal bridge. The pair of sunglasses should have a particular geometry in the nose or be provided with a “nose” of silicone.

Finally, the frame must perfectly match the eyebrow to prevent the little one looks over his glasses. Feel free to also focus round shapes without corners that better cover the visual field.Finally, the cord still useful not to lose his stylish sunglasses.

Generally, the sunglasses should absolutely be adapted to the face of every child. This is where the optician comes in. It guides parents and children to choose those that will be best suited him. And as the child must primarily take pleasure in wearing them and handle them, choose them with him and preferred colors he likes.

Sunglasses: Should the Holiday Destination to Be Considered When Buying?

Must adjust his sunglasses according to their travel destination?

It is not exposed to the same radiation from the sun according to its destination. If we start 2-3 days at sea or in the installation, no need to invest. The pair of regular sunglasses will do! But beware, you still need his protection index is 4.

If the trip is longer, it is time to invest because the reflection of the sun can become dangerous.On child sunglasses, it affixes a polarizing film that fight against this reverb. The breakfast will then look at the sea, sun or snow without eyes hurt.

Sunglasses: What About The Gadget Glasses?

Fashion is to sunglasses “gadget”. What do you think?

It must be very careful with this kind of glasses. Many of them have glasses of clear glasses.They are absolutely banned. The most dangerous are the gradient lenses, tinted and clear top to bottom. The girls are the “fun” but they are in fact dangerous. Why ? Just because these glasses open the pupil who becomes more sensitive to light flux. For more information and if in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from an optician or ophthalmologist.

General advice: you absolutely can not wear glasses called “gadget” outside. They may disguise office inside but it stops there.

Sunglasses: If Eyeglasses

What sunglasses can bear a child who already has prescription glasses?

Two options are available to children wearing sunglasses. They can opt initially for photochromic lenses. These lenses are darken when there is too much sun. They protect very well and have a protection factor of 3. They remain quite expensive and the teachers do not necessarily appreciate them because they become darker during the course, when the sun enters the classrooms.

Parents can then turn to other materials that protect against UV while keeping the white lenses (MR8, for example). The ideal is still to seek advice from an optician.