Best Thermos Bottle

The inventions of mankind-thermos-real help in everyday life: the campaign to seize and fresh food in the hospital recovering from the transports, and to work, travel, on a business trip for him to take. Table and the House is always at hand, all food, drink, scalding, keep the heat the soul of the Manager. How to choose a thermos bottle that she had long been the heat or cold? You need to know a few simple rules.

Who invented the thermos thermos bottle

a little more than a hundred years: 1892, the Scottish scientist James Dewar perfected already invented the Veynholda in a glass box, which was intended for long-term storage of hot or cold. The physicist turned into a Container, double-walled flask narrow neck reduces the evaporation of the liquid, silver interwalled space and pumped the air out of him. Thanks to the invention of the first Dewar was able to obtain and keep the liquid and solid hydrogen.

home use Dewar for the first time in 1904, began to apply the German water bottles (thermos GmbH), which exists in this.also on the day, releasing the world’s best thermos bottle. Their motto is impressive: “keep warm. Since 1904 “. Interestingly, the German name of Dewar as the inventor of the thermos bottle is not recognized. Reinhold Burger, a German scientist, a disciple of the Scot, a manufacturer of glass instruments, gave the United States a patent in 1907, when the inventor of the double-wall vacuum. ” Since then, it took many years, but there has been very little change in a thermos. For a long time the name became a household word, even though in some countries, it is still a registered trademark.

The basic rules to choose from

Before you buy a thermos bottle, must be set up for that purpose. If it is to play the role of guardian of the thermos bottle heat or cold for long treks and tours, it is best to choose a full metal instrument. If the purpose of use-the brewing of tea and herbs at home, you can buy a cheaper equivalent of a plastic case, the glass bulb. You get hot or cold drinks the better option-thermos narrow neck, as he slowly gives the heat or cold. , A tube or a conventional cap that is removed, any changes to permanently retain the desired temperature of the vacuum bottle. a fixed, at home or in the Office, a large pump-action vacuum bottle, which is a special lever, by turning the pump unit. Shuttle this home Super is not desirable, it is quite massive and heavy. Solid food and appetizers are suitable for thermos wide neck, from where you can easily remove the hot soup or meatballs Cutlets: a variety of national dishes  . This is a typical large family Dewar is one feature: it stores the heat no longer a homogeneous and consistent meals, or porridge or soup to be hotter than a stew, or pancakes, because it is better to pour the hot sauce over and tighten the impressive cover.

Also netonuschy thermos bottle, the so-called “floating, specifically designed for boating, water sports, or to have. It is thanks to a special device the foods are preserved, even if filled thermos bottle upright, does not go down. Universal and vacuum bottle thermos bottle perfectly combines drinks, and with the vessel at the first and second courses. The neck is equipped with both dishes so that by turning the large cover, it can also put the solid food, and the opening of a narrow neck-pour drinks.

How to check the quality of

Thermos bottles with glass bulb and completely metal. Glass containers will no longer retain heat, but more fragile, metal, stainless steel, more durable. Before selecting a thermos bottle, you need to read these instructions carefully, and find the address of the manufacturer. Lack of knowledge–an alarming signal, the better to give up such purchases. In education, it is important to find a list of the equipment and check its availability.

Quality begins with the study of the appearance, structural integrity, without chipping, cracks, dents. The second phase of the verification of integrity, you need the thermos-bottle tightly and shake if a cap or Cork, or bulb does not get votes, for so long the temperature laid down in a thermos to keep. The third stage is to examine the internal contents of the thermos bottle, this you have to open the cover, remove the CAP from the bottle and smell: the pungent smell is a testament to the fact that the device is made of inferior materials and the safety of food, it can be called into question.

At home you can check the thermos bottle empirically by pouring boiling water on its cool and tightly closed Plug and Cap. If the 15-20 minutes, the temperature of the water does not change, so the device can operate for a long period of time. If the body is a hot thermos at the same time, the experience of failure, it’s time to get back to save the thermos bottle. In a qualitative Device may become hot only covers the body at the same time, there must always be the ambient temperature.