Best Thermos Flask to Buy

Camping, fishing, hunting, tours are not too civilized places require appropriate equipment. And not the last thing in such cases is a thermos bottle.

Why Does The Thermos Bottle

hot tea in winter in the Woods, a cup of steaming coffee on a Misty autumn morning-what could be better? Home, thermos, and convenient. It is best to call for herbal teas.

And thermos-universal gift. It can give anyone. You can choose from and the appearance, and the price just be what you need.

Thermos buy is not difficult. Their selection is very large. But it is not always possible to buy a quality product. The main requirement-how long can a thermos to keep warm. It is also important, how reliable the plug, is not whether it will happen (and this also depends on the ability to retain heat).And the price is also an important role to play.

The Purpose Of The Thermos Bottles

All purpose can be divided into two types: drinks and food. Drinks-tea, coffee, Thermos to be a narrow neck, the narrow neck of the smaller is the heat dissipation. The wide throat thermos for food.

Allaisessa thermos bottle to keep the heat less.

It also depends on the scope of the thermos bottle, how long it retains heat. There are some differences between the various thermos bottles listed on CHEEROUTDOOR. Drinks: a greater number of flask, the content is longer than the hot, perfect for filling. The food is better to take this amount, how much food can be placed. You will not be able to take a lot of thermos bottle and fill it in part because of the presence of the food cools down the air. The size of the volume to satisfy the thermos for food (and better liquid or solid), so the food is longer.

What Defines Quality Thermos Bottles

all have the same structure: fixed on the outer cover (metal or plastic) that is placed on the glass of the bulb, or a metallic casing and lamp in contact with each other directly, by kuumasauman, kutenkytketty neck. The inside of the lamp is hot, but between it and the outer shell is a good thermos is pumped into the air to reduce heat transfer.

CAP (usually screwed) also made of a material that conducts heat poorly.

Thermos Bottle which is better: a metal or glass bulb?

the glass bulb is one of the major drawback, which is often higher in all their advantages-they are easy to beat. Glass is the best wash, thermos glass lamp may not be an unpleasant smell, it is so a thermos for a better grip of the heat.

Modern high-quality metal bottle is no worse than the glass to maintain the heat. They kept on the decline (although it is not advisable to leave a thermos bottle). But wash the heavier and not be kept tightly closed-can be displayed in the “musty” smell.

How to choose when buying a thermos bottle

Check the thermos bottle purchase impossible. You can just focus on your brand, look at the price, not to mention that the cheap goods are very often not very high quality.

When you buy a thermos bottle has to be studied carefully. If you select the cheap thermos bottle, to notice how tight plug or cap the bottle, shake-knock anything inside, leaving the bulb.

Check the plug on the thermos bottle, it is the valve and without it. If a plug without a valve, it is necessary to completely remove the CAP to pour something thermos bottle. Heat loss at the same time, a little bit. But the valve can get clogged (welding, for example). The mechanism of the opening of the simple, but sometimes it is unnecessary, because through the damaged valve is leaking.

Check the smell inside. If the smell is sharp and unpleasant–it means a thermos made of low-grade material, it is unlikely that it will last a long time.

finally convinced purchases can only be made at home. You can do this, you have to pour boiling water on it. If ten minutes after the thermos bottle warmed up, so the isolation of the inner bulb is bad, it’s not the heat.