Bicycle Lights with Turn Signals

If you want to buy a lighting system for your bike has to take into account the different possibilities and available technologies, the lights bicycle is one of the most important for the security of both urban cyclist and road components so we have to consider using we’re going to give, if you are going to try any lack of visibility situations or everyday uses where we need a robust and durable lighting.

Buy Bicycle Light

In sporadic cases of need for lighting a light bike with battery operated or battery may be an ideal solution, but if we stop worrying about the battery life, and enjoy d eplena autonomy bulbs will powered dynamo bicycle are a solution very practical and reliable.

Dynamo hub axle

The dynamos for bicycles can be hub dynamos that are extremely effective especially in environments atmospheric adversities. These systems include a magnetic hub mechanism in the axis of the front wheel is continuously in motion while the lights are off.

Its main drawback is the weight of the same, also the cost of dynamos hub as it is not easy to find dynamos economic hub, some offer cheap price with some very interesting features such as hub dynamo Shimano Nexus 6V these systems hub dynamo offer a fairly light weight and improved rolling resistance, you can buy cheap in many urban bike shops, like eBicycleLights.

Obviously there are many axes hub dynamo high-end offering excellent yields, German manufacturers such as Busch & Muller or Smith ARE offer dynamos with a great reputation in the market for its durability and efficiency although it is shaft hub dynamo with more than 200 € cost. Several new brands of lights have appeared on the market hub axis especially for Touring bikes, in this sense the SP Shutter manufacturer Precision shafts dynamo offers high performance for a very reasonable cost.

It is important to consider that the axes of hub dynamo allow feeding of both lights front and rear and some models have external power which can be loaded via a USB port even a mobile phone, which can be very practical in emergency situations for the rider who needs help, or consult a map.

Dynamos bottle

Power systems for bicycle lights dynamo bottle or traditional dynamo are very light and offer the advantage that when you need not provide power to the bicycle lights they remain disconnected without offering any resistance on wheel, on the other hand become usually less than 20% of the energy consumed by friction thus are not very efficient, it is also important to note that the operation of these dynamos bottle or dynamos classic is not very effective when the wheels are wet.

Actually traditional bottle dynamos or alternators are what they are in a system with a magnet and a static coil and the current is AC. In these traditional systems dynamo the end rests on the wheel which initiates the movement of Dinamo is a fairly basic system that generates a direct friction wheel which implies a greater effort when pedaling.

There are some systems dynamo bottle that offer excellent performance such as Dimotec Busch & Muller this system offers 40% efficiency is resulting double the normal also the contact wheel between Dinamo and rim or tire is greatly improved thereby allowing correct operation in different weather conditions.

Battery LED lights

As an alternative to high cost and weight of the axle hub dynamo and traditional systems dynamo bottle, LED lights powered battery or batteries have been gaining strength in the lighting market for cyclists in recent years, offering a wide range of products where we can find LED headlights with great potential in very low lighting or spotlights elegant traditional classic ideal for restoration aspect Vintage Bicycle formats.

The LED lights both front and rear are including batteries or batteries inside of them and it is important that they are well insulated so they can withstand inclement weather and particularly rain, pay attention to aspects like materials which are made ​​as steel or plastic and type of batteries that carry the autonomy which published indicating whether or not the battery status and the amount of light given off by Lux which is measured in lumens. If we want to buy an ideal place to focus our classic retro bike manufacturers like Spanninga or AXA have models of elegant classic design with very good lighting performance.


Other important elements within the lighting bicycle are the reflex reflectors or two bicycle reflectors these were that we seen more easily and use on wheels is also recommended many of the taillights in Toledo Dinamo any kind include always or usually a portion of reflector so that if we can be more easily seen some pedals well supplied with reflectors have to know that they are certified to meet the specifications if required.