Bill Gates Makes 60 Years: As He Predicted this Day

Microsoft founder celebrates, this Wednesday, 60 years. The ideas that had long before come out to the market, help to justify the fact that became the world’s most Rico.

Probably, this was the key to the success of Bill Gates. The Rico, which celebrates this Wednesday 60 years, had a sense of what would be the day for over 15 years.
According to The Independent, in the book “the company at the speed of thought”, businessman gives some tips on how businesses should adapt to thrive in the digital age, but also risks drawing the future.
Here are five things to hit:

Smart phones

According to the book launched by the founder of Microsoft, people would “walk with devices, which allow you to stay in touch”.
“Will be able to watch the news, consult the flights that have marked, receive information on financial markets and to do, basically, all these devices”.

Look familiar?

Surveillance cameras outdoors

It may seem like something trivial, but in 1999 it was hard to imagine a video system that allows the user to view live what was going on, for example, outdoor surveillance cameras from But the entrepreneur thought it would one day be possible to have “constant feeds of video of our homes”, in real time, informs whenever anyone would visit the site, even if no one was in the building.
Bill Gates got it right once again. Today we have CCTV systems, which can be accessed remotely and can issue alerts for mobile phones or computers.
Targeted advertising

For 16 years, the entrepreneur had already noticed that advertising to the masses wouldn’t work today. The solution would be the advertising directed to each individual consumer. The “target marketing” was born a few years later and was powered with the effective implementation of the Internet.
“You’re going to have smart advertising devices. Will meet your buying tendencies and will show ads that are designed to your preferences. ”

Private online chats

The owner of Microsoft also spoke of social networks many years before they showed up. In the book, of 1999, Bill Gates says that these days, there would be “private websites”, used in everyday life, to communicate with family and friends. These chats would be used to discuss and arrange events.
In addition, Bill Gates also said that communities would not be defined by the site, but who shared interests.

Price comparison

“Automatic price comparison services will be developed, allowing people to view prices on several websites. Don’t need any effort to find the cheapest product, in any industry.

Today we have multiple sites for this purpose, as the Go Compare, Compare the Meerkat or