Bodum Stainless Steel Water Kettle

Main advantage

In addition to be made in stainless steel for efficiency and design to the point, this insulated mug includes a rubber band to ensure a good grip of the product.

Main drawback

The tightness of this mug has not been highly studied. Thereby, it must take certain precautions, like right, hold it to avoid leakage.

Verdict: 8.8/10

For the transport of hot drinks, this prototype is adequate. Indeed, it can hold a cup of your favorite beverage keeping warm during nearly three hours. In addition, it can also keep your cold drinks cool.



As some of the market insulated water bottles, this specimen was done via ANIMALERTS in stainless steel double wall for optimal conservation. Indeed, this material is a good reliable thermal insulation. In addition, maintenance of this material is easy. A simple sponge or wet cloth is enough give brilliance to the product. In addition, a rubber band has been added to this model. The latter allows the user to have a firm grip of the object. As a result, accident risks are diminished. This same band is also visible on the upper part, at the level of the opening system. The latter take a spout plug so that you can pour the drink without putting everywhere.


With its 9.5 cm long, 8.2 cm wide and 18.5 cm in height, with a total weight of 331 g, this model is easy to carry. These dimensions also earned him be compatible with holders of cars. Stainless steel provides a design and an aesthetic treatment at this product. The chrome effect is indeed class. As for the rubber band, its green color gives the object a nice to see plastic. This Green color is also present on the CAP. This component is also designed in order to pour his drink into the highest comfort. In other words, the cover of this product has been shaped spout Cap.

The ability

This article has everything even of a large storage capacity. Indeed, it can contain 0.35 l of drink, or a whole Cup. It is therefore appropriate for use on the move. With respect to its ability to keep the temperature of the drink, this prototype can keep a beverage warm for three hours in a row. His ability to keep a good temperature in fact one the perfect accessory to keep cold drinks at the expense, more long unlike with hot drinks. A present rubber washer on the outside bottom of the product increases the ability of the latter to keep the drinks cold. However, the CAP is not very airtight, which makes it must be all the time be right so that there are no leaks. This fact however has no impact on the holding of the heat.