Bodum Water Bottle

The material

Bodum 11043-01 is made of plastic, silicone, stainless steel and rubber. From the design point of view, all of these materials are in perfect harmony by their color as both by their structure. This is what allows you to use it without constraint in varied circumstances and where you are.

In addition, the stainless steel that is largely outside of this product is a material known by its robustness. It is what guarantees use in good condition of this article for a long time even if you bring him often on the go in your bag. You won’t break easily or scratching at the touch of other solid objects. What other components, even if they are not solid, they are not fragile point break at the slightest touch with a pointed item.


Bodum 11043-01 capacity is equal to 0.35 litre. Especially for consumption of an individual, this capacity is enough to satisfy you during a long journey.You’ll not be short of tea or coffee quickly if you consume its content at a normal pace.

Despite this considerable ability, the dimensions of this mug is limited to 8, 5 cm of length, width 8.5 cm and 19 cm in height. Is this compactness that makes it easier to find room in a bag so you can bring it to the office or transport it when traveling. This feature makes comfortable transport of this product which is neither bulky nor heavy whether small or larger. It also ensures that its handling is simple and does not take much effort.

The lid

As a brand water bottle, the cover of Bodum 11043-01 has a watertight closure. It is for this reason that it is unlikely to flee and flood all of the objects in your bag until it is closed. Your fears are more muted on this point thanks to the quality of this component and you can move the peace of mind.

In addition, the tightness of this area keeps the heat correctly for you avoid the bad surprise to see your cold tea once you arrive at your destination. The conservation of this heat is optimized by the double wall thermo insulation of this product which ensures that you can take the mug in hand without concern for you burn while the inside is kept warm. This feature allows to maintain the initial temperature of your beverage for a long time.