Brightest LED Flashlight

Geocaching Special: The Best Flashlights

What is actually the best flashlight for a night cache?
Before embarking on the search (not to the cache, but according to the lamp) embark, it should be clear at first whether we prefer a “one-and-only-lamp”, the optional can be a flashlight or a headlamp, or two lights, one of which the reflector search and long-range illumination and the other will be used for close range.

Models like this (meaning not the hare) regularly found at discount stores. For anfixen enough-but who goes regularly to night cache search, will not be satisfied with it.

First, I want to dispel a widespread prejudice. Especially with us cachers focusable lamps are very popular and are used by many cachers who know no better easy, as the ne plus ultra considered.
However, this is complete nonsense. One can focusable lamps like it or not, this is ultimately a matter of taste. The fact is, however: A good lamp with fixed focus is superior to any focusable lamp because it illuminates both the near and the far field, while a focusable lamp only one of both satisfactory can.
If you do not have the myth “I do need a focusable light “has to be infected, should it continue to refrain. All others must be said: This myth is absolute bullshit!By design, a focusable light does not do what a lamp with good fixed focus creates problems.
Exceptions are extreme floodlights and lamps trimmed exclusively to reach. While you can in a “two-light concept” play to their advantages, but have been unsuccessful as single lamps a focusable lamp when it comes to versatility.

Focusable lamp in defocused setting. Only the immediate vicinity is illuminated. Already from a few meters away is just a black hole to see.

Focusable lamp in a focused setting. Tunnel vision-a point will be a bright, around it remains dark.


Lamp with good fixed focus. Both the local and the remote area to be illuminated.

Who’s priority road with a single lamp, should – regardless of whether front or flashlight – make sure that the lamp has both sufficient range to detect more distant reflectors, as well as a dark mode to illuminate the path and is suitable for reading instructions of stations.

A fine “I-can-everything-lamp”, however, which should break the budget of most cacher is that Betty TL2 or TL2S (with short battery pack) of lupine. With a special lens, it is primarily the brightest LED headlamp, by the immense power of six Cree XM-L LEDs, which are relatively high driven, it makes however tidy yards. No matter how distant reflector is likely to remain hidden from her while in a dark stage a uniform and safe Exterior ambient lighting is guaranteed. When reading maps or instructions or stations it may be too light for doing, because the darkest level is not really what is commonly “dark” understands. But that is the only weakness of this flashlight that turns night into day, if necessary. Certainly, not everyone is willing to spend more than 700 euros for Lupine Betty, but who had this lamp once in his hands, will never want anything else.

Lupine Betty TL2S: 4500 lumens from a flashlight that fits comfortably in the hand, are a real big hit. Also, if you will take the maximum power rare – but who has found some time no more reflectors in a night cache, will learn quickly with Bettys power if he is even still on the right track.

Also, who is exclusively with a headlamp on the go, you should look at times Lupine. The Piko X4 (X7, X-Duo) sets with small dimensions Benchmark for Performance. While delivering the lamp in the brightest function “only” 1200 lumens, but which are still perfectly adequate for Search of reflectors. And in a dark stage to follow the path illuminate uniformly bright.
In order not to misunderstand: This is not advertising for Lupine lamps, but these little beasts from German manufacturer are just great and let the majority of the market far behind. Primarily, the lights for bikers are designed, but also supply the Geocaching excellent results, especially when it comes to the combination Allrounder / handy light.