Bustier Bikini Swimwear

Swimwear, bustier – one of the most unusual and beautiful models. This style combines immediately in two styles – vintage and classic dishes. Model Bustier impossible not to pay attention as these swimsuits have in one way or another effect chest. If you buy a model with a lift, breast enlargement will be clearer if no pillows – this time will be less.

Fashion Swimwear, Bustier from the Collections

The main difference models swimwear bustier testified that the designers experimenting with dominant style. According to experts, a combination of different styles, patterns look very stylish and interesting.
Swim-bustier retro style. In these models is the main element act melting, despite the fact that the mere pinpoints style bra. High bikini swimsuit and open bare shoulders look very attractive. Designers are less refined style bodice by narrowing lower chest area. Swim-bustier retro style wonderfully full girls hide the flaws in the thighs and abdomen and highlights the wonderful chest.

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Classic swim-bustier. Still date bathing-bustier and classic models. In a similar version in the foreground stands leaf, which this season popular in wider kind. But even nice tan can look bustier with little horse, which will allow to obtain the effect of bronze skin maximum extent possible, in a model of swimming costume.

Swim-lifting bustier with black. Special attention turned designers models in black with a lifting effect. This is due to high demand precisely such swimwear. Plain black models emphasize the beautiful tan and smooth skin, and visually smooth the extra.