Camelbak Chute Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Active-a human with stainless water bottle, which is suitable for both hot to cold drinks. The double walls of the vacuum makes hot drinks will remain warm for up to 6 hours and cool drinks, drinkable for 24 hours.

The CAP is easy to open, only half of the round, turning, and it locks onto the bottle from the tap to fill the application out of the way, in which case drinking-hole is fast, clean and functional. There is no need to open the cover at all, except for washing. The design also eliminates the possibility of lost track of the CAP. Drink-aperture angle, sizing and design is designed to provide a high water flow, so that a single dose may be sufficient. Suuaukossa threads are on the inside, so its surface has been smooth, with the edges of the lips go. Also suitable for dirty conditions: the CAP protects the mouth and it is easy to keep clean.

Integrated mortgage link makes the bottle collecting easy and it is formed taking into account the continuous period of the levying of the finger. Made from materials that do not cause any water at all odors or flavors. Easy to keep clean. The Cork can be washed in a dishwasher. The bottle is recommended for washed by hand. The cover material for the impact resistant BPA-free Tritaania. The water bottle is 18/8 stainless steel. Universal thread: a unique CAP is suitable for many other bottles and bottle spiral is suitable for most vedenpuhdistajat. Volume 0, 6 l. At a height of 23, 5 cm. The base diameter of 7 cm. a 10-year warranty on material and manufacturing error.

Batch: 4 PCs
Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Price example laserkaiverrettuna example your company logo:
-Amount: 52 PCs

-Offer price. laser engraving: 29.90 €/piece (VAT 0%)

-Delivery time: about 3 weeks (if the products are out of stock)

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Price: 29.90 €