Camping Tips and Tricks

What does the one under Camping, is the other most tents. And while shouldering a backpack and tent and it pulls in the wilderness of Lapland, the other half the household plugged into the car or even the camper. Accordingly diverse is, what items need to be “absolutely” taken. The decisive factors are the duration, nature and destination of the trip. Logically, who builds for a weekend tent, BBQ and Radio at the lake, has different needs and requirements than the outdoor enthusiast who wants to hike in the Alps. Therefore, the fundamental question:

Camping Tips and Tricks

What Do You Want to Do Exactly?

There is on the one hand the purists who except a tent, a sleeping bag and some food and do not need much for even the camping is. On the other hand there are the luxury campers (this kind of camping and “glamping”, “glamourous camping” is called), where the RV may be missing neither the TV nor the espresso machine.The range in between is quite large. Also the resort is important: For the trekking in the Himalayas you need clothes and sleeping bag, which also join minus degrees and equipment that are attractive because of low weight and good quality. By contrast, the weight does not play a role, if all things are packed in the trunk or the camper.

Camping Light – Tips and Tricks

Hikers, trekkt or camping cycling undertakes the equipment is limited to the most important and pay attention to lightweights. Finally you have the after transport on their own backs or the wheel …
have proved for this type of camping items that are multi-functional: For example, a good pocket knife, the next can and bottle opener also would die, if the tent something would be to repair. Even when the clothes can think about what might be able to take a number of functions: Practically, for example, a cloth that can be worn as a scarf and as a sunscreen. Light hiking pants have now often a zipper below the knees – so is of long trousers in fine weather ratzfatz a chic shorts.

Also great for this type of camping are small plastic bottles and cans, so the XXL shampoo bottle can stay at home. Have proved also Pröbchen from drugstore and pharmacy. Next it’s worth, according to the imaginary plane for mini packs of toothpaste, folding toothbrush and deodorant to keep an eye out. The art of effortless traveling can be perfect like that. Who is a little resourceful, ingenious takes on weight and space saving opportunities. For example, if only a few pages are needed from the guide, you can copy them to take place the heavy book. Books can incidentally be taken very space-saving in the form of audio stories on the MP3 player.

And an old trekking rule: Pack your hiking backpack and take half back out. In no case it is a mistake, once home to shoulder the packed backpack and walk ten minutes through the house. In this way, it turns out quickly whether the packed weight not permanently too much. If you walk to several, it is ideal to split equipment: one carrying the lightweight tent, the other the camping stove. Other proven tips you can abschauen of other backpackers often. already know this as quick-drying microfiber towels with smallest packing dimensions? The beauty of “Camping light”: You realize how little you really need. Home to the average Western European yes about a thousand (!) Own objects. How refreshing it can be to travel with only the bare necessities, you realize on such a hiking or cycling tour.