Carp Fishing Kit

CARP set includes the most important parts of any angler, especially if he’s fly-fishing on carp, should have. These include in particular the fishing rods, free spool reels, Rod Pods and depending on the quality of CARP sets accessories as bite indicators. In our survey, we have compiled the best models in different price categories. Let’s start with the cheaper variants, thereby enhancing us up to top quality.

CARP Set Standard Model

The first CARP set is made by Angel Berger. It includes a good CARP Rod with a CARP reel. This carp rod comes to a length of 3.60 metres. Also are in the set of carp boilies and a mediocre bite alarm included. This model is recommended above all thanks to the good price for occasional anglers.

CARP Fishing Set Test Winner

This carp bait for fly fishing is the test winner in our reviews. Includes 2 good fly fishing rods and matching a Rod Pod for these two. In addition, there are 2 free spool reels and 2 suspended bite indicator. The free spool reels running a 5.2: 1 translation. The CARP rods have a length of 3.60. In this model, especially the Rod Pod is very good. This can be safely stable attached us on almost any surface. The building is also easy. 3 suspended bite indicator are connected to and the entire structure is supplied with a good bag!

Premium Quality Fishing Set

The last fishing set in our overview has real premium quality. This model is the big brother of our test winner. The entire set was enlarged so that more opportunities for anglers. So, now 3 carp rods and a Rod Pod for these 3 fishing rods delivered. The electric bite indicator of fishing equipment were increased. These are individually adjustable and equipped with visible light-emitting diodes.

This article is one of our series, which revolves around a good fishing equipment generally. In this series of fishing equipment, we have listed many individual tips and tricks that help your fishing equipment is improved or completed. Here we go into various parts. For example, the accommodation, direct fishing accessories, but also everything else fishing around, which should be organized. So your fishing equipment is always complete and is filled mainly with the right material, you see here:

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Now, we hope that the survey could help you!