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Football is in Germany the undisputed sport number one. Many teams have distributed millions of followers on the entire Republic and broadcasts of important games reach often fantastic ratings. Millions of football fans play in their spare time in clubs or private with friends on the football field and forward regularly about the latest products and innovations to football accessories from well known sporting goods manufacturers such as Adidas or Nike. Finally goals can be in the current Jersey of the favorite team much better score than in a simple cotton shirt. Especially the products of the German soccer national team and Bayern Munich are coveted – no part of the Republic, are not fans of the master of record. And, at the latest since winning the World Cup title of the “Eagle carrier” more and more football fans would stand in this country and proud to wear the fourth star. Polyhobbies online shop you can order not only your complete football facilities, but also lots of memorabilia, to cheer on your favorite soccer team duly.

Football Training Equipment

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Whether playing football or cheer at the stadium or watching TV: a Jersey in the colors of the club football fans don’t come around. Optionally, number and name of the favorite player adorn on the back, so that everyone can see who is the role model. And with the right football fan articles fails a visit at the stadium or on the fan mile equal to some swaying. Polyhobbies has football fan articles in the assortment, which every fan’s heart beat faster. Many merchandise are in addition very comfortable to wear, such as a scarf in the winter or a baseball cap, when the Sun is shining. And who share the love for the Club on his young finds tiny shirts for babies. At Polyhobbies, you can buy the best soccer accessories for the whole family.

Football equipment for leisure players and professionals

Hobby kicker or aspiring pro, the proper football facilities is although not crucial to the game, but their significance should not be underestimated. The lightweight, breathable football shirts are comfortable to wear and support the natural body climate. The intelligent materials transport sweat outwards so that the body does not cool, but can dry. Air-permeable mesh insets are situated in locations where they provide additional cooling the body. Original soccer accessories not only looks like in the pros, it is also very pleasant.


A complete soccer outfit consists not only of the upper part. Appropriately, there is either a long or short sweat pants. This guarantees optimal freedom of movement. To a special eye-catcher, the shoes of the kicker have evolved in recent years. In addition to the natural material of leather, football boots now increasingly consist of lightweight synthetic materials. A lot has happened especially in the color of the shoes. Formerly rather unassuming models in dark colors were the rule, you can see in the pros on the course of increasingly football boots in neon colors. And what the pros do this plays well in the leisure kickers. Sporting goods manufacturers like Nike, Adidas and PUMA await you at regular intervals with the latest shoe models for Hall and lawn. Order matching shoes for soccer play and your remaining football equipment at Poly-hobbies, or visit one of our stores in your area.