Citrus Zinger Sport Water Bottle

Product Information

Add a new twistiä to the next Yoga road or gym workout and just get a Citrus Zinger Sport. A convenient water bottle up with rotating with a straw, and the possibility of Zingata, that is to be extracted into the water lemon, etc. the fruit.

Or a little, therefore, as a basic Citrus Zinger, but this time, the sporttisempana variant, and with folding ryystöpillillä. Our very right of the Hall so puteli, yay! Tune the processing does not require of hands, but you will confess with your mouth the open, closed, and to position themselves for the optimum angle.

Zingausprosessi works, follow these steps: turn on even though the lemon, cut it in half, by Kate s Zingerin survainpäähän (<-your own invented by), then lock the bottom CAP and unscrew the bottom Cap back onto the. Flip and fill with water. Lemon starts uuttamaan mehujaan water mix and you have a bottle of very healthy and fresh citrus water. And best of all, you did it yourself, so is the best organic ingredients!

This sport water bottle made of stainless steel is particularly suitable for the gym, training, for yoga and other forms of training. It may very well become your favorite bottle.

  • The manufacture of our own taste of the water sport Zingeri
  • Korkissa nifty renkula, from which you can carry your bottles
  • The bottle is easy to put on, even if the ice remains cool to the touch
  • Easy to clean, the parts come off each other
  • Volume: 825ml
  • Made in the USA Tritan ™ material
  • that is, therefore, BPA/Phthalate-free/Halogen lamps with EA and stuff