Contigo West Loop Test

Main advantage

Contigo West Loop will allow you to keep your favorite drinks at the temperature of tasting ideal for long hours. Thanks to extensive research and innovative design, its performance are increased.

Main drawback

This thermocafe can’t take falls and violent shocks. If you drop it on a hard floor, his perfect tightness can be questioned.

Key Features Explained


Not all the best insulated mugs are designed in the same way. Each product has its own specificities and wants to stand out from the mass by offering the most interesting strengths.

The West Loop has the peculiarity to have not a single, but a double coating. It is covered with a layer of stainless steel high quality on both its external face only in-house. Conservation temperature capabilities are thus strongly increased.

In order to keep your coffee hot for 4 hours or your fresh juice up to 12 hours, he uses a vacuum insulation system. With this technology, the liquid is kept at the right temperature as long as possible.

His ability is important, it can hold 470 ml of drink. Its lines are clean but nice. It is presented in 11 different colors.

Total sealing

If you are of those who bring their own coffee or their tea at work, you have certainly already faced this problem: you place your mug filled in your bag with your important folders and go to your desktop. Open your bag, surprise! The liquid spread on your papers. Your day is ruined.

From now on, get peace of mind. Contigo West Loop cover is so effective that it has been patented by the brand. The system is called AUTOSEAL. Not only there is no harmful substances (BPA) but it is above all entirely and completely waterproof. If you shake it, no drop of escape.

At the time of drinking, the button opens the mug. It closes automatically when you release. For example, fluids losses will be really minimized.

He slips smoothly into standard Cup holders.


This water bottle made of stainless steel is widely appreciated by consumers according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI. They are very likely to think that this is the best insulated mug that can be currently found on the market. And we can prove them wrong.

It displays the same properties as a good old thermos, but has a design and functionality at the forefront of technology. It was created to be the most practical and simple to use. His interview won’t you have no constraints. If you chose the grey model, metal not colorful, you can pass it to the dishwasher.

If you preferred a mug of color, it is best to not put it in the machine. A manual washing is recommended. But have no fear, it washes off very easily. A simple rinsing is sufficient to rid the can of all residues.