Dare to Wear the Trail

Every day we are more runners of asphalt that we encourage you to try other types of terrain, perhaps because it has become fashionable, because we get tired us asphalt circuits, seeking contact with nature, new adventures, get out of the routine of winter workouts and breathe fresh air, I like and I have hooked. For this reason, from this blog I encourage you to all that change from time to time the asphalt mountain. It is a different feeling because the rhythms and times are not the most important thing. In this mode much more importance strives to cobra sport achieve a good physical stamina that will allow you to travel with self-confidence slopes and the skill that you show to go through the different levels. You will feel a sense of incredible freedom through long earrings surrounded by natural landscapes.

For all those that you are starting your journey with the trail you must bear in mind that it is a very hard mode in which, even if you are broker of asphalt,you padecerás stiffness. The slopes force the quadriceps to work hard in downhill and to the twins and buttocks on the climbs, much more than if the ground was level.

You must forget about the rhythms in which runs through asphalt; impossible to achieve in mountain. You’ll find yourself with heating ramps facing you must walk and downs that require very fast speeds. Do not worry. Little by little you will acquire the necessary skills to run over stones, Dodge small natural obstacles or weaves in long paths that rarely will be straight. Get used to implement many changes of pace to move from an area to another and traversing slopes of different inclinations. It is an activity that requires more time to train that asphalt, since if you live in the city you have to come up to the mountain and the training for it makes the hours pass without realizing.

To avoid injury it is important that you use a shoe specific plugs and adhesive rubber-soled. A stiffer shoe in torque will help you in the treads on uneven terrain. This type of footwear market has come a long way and has terrain rough, light-resistant models and good damping. There are models of waterproof and breathable trail shoes that work very well. Prior to the purchase of your sports stop to think about whether you’re going to throw to run down the mountain even on rainy days or if reservarás this mode for spring. In eses case can declined you for a shoe without membrane, more breathable and usually cost less.

The clothing is also important; on the mountain is always more cold and we need to be more fitted to the asphalt. Remember that it can catch you a strong wind or a storm atop since the climate is changing in these areas, so you must be prepared. Mountain runner must be fitted with a small backpack, light and conforming well to body, water, rainwear, Cap, goggles, sunglasses and even sun protection depending on the time of year according to Clothingexpress. Remember the three layers of clothes: breathable, waterproof and thermal and plays with them according to the weather.

From here, I encourage you all to you throw to enjoy a career in the mount. Breathe and senses the freedom of nature under your feet and sure you repeat more than once.