Did You Know That There Are TAG Heuer Sunglasses?

It has been proven that driving at night is much more dangerous than doing it in daylight. To cope with these difficulties, the TAG Heuer has a set of Night Vision glasses. Designed to correct dark-induced myopia, reduce glare, contrast black areas without changing color perception and provide safe driving at night. These TAG Heuer sunglasses can increase safety significantly.

According to official statistics, although only 10% of the kilometers are made at night, 48% of fatal accidents happen when the sun goes down. This is essentially due to the fact that at night the pupils dilate and we see with more difficulty. Brightness, luminous rings and reduced peripheral vision also contribute to eye fatigue. It was to think of this that this model of TAG Heuer glasses was created.

These TAG Heuer Night Vision glasses can help reduce

Originally developed for the Le Mans 24-hour Peugeot team, these TAG Heuer sunglasses have been mass-marketed and available to all customers, helping to lessen the likelihood of anyone having a road accident at night.

The TAG Heuer Night Vision sunglasses are made of titanium and molded with an anti-slip to be lighter, more flexible and very elegant .As they are specially designed to wear under the helmet, these sunglasses are ideal for driving on motorcycles as well.

There are several frames to choose from for these glasses

There are several frames available for this model of TAG Heuer glasses.

These glasses are ideal for matching with the yellow lenses.These lenses provide clear, clear vision with a high light transmission rate.They are ideal for contrasting with dark blue and green environments without altering color perception.

The special ophthalmic lenses of these TAG Heuer sunglasses are ultra-shock resistant, provide full UVA and UVB protection. They have an anti-glare treatment, which reduces glare and provides an accurate view, from when the sun rises until it sets. Combining accurate vision with state-of-the-art design helps reduce road accidents. These are the great advantages of these TAG Heuer glasses.