Different Types of Cups for Babies

Evolutionary cups are different depending on the brand, they learn to baby to drink by the glass, there are several criteria to consider when choosing one.

What is a scalable cup?

As its name suggests, this is a cup that grows with the child. The purpose of these cups is to bring gradually the child to drink the glass with confidence. It can be used as soon as the baby can sit up and take control of a cylindrical object with handles. There are multiple models accessories that can be used from 3 months with a starting bottle types. A teat cup fits over the collar provided with its handle. It’s not quite a baby bottle and not a cup, but it familiarizes the child with his future cup. Most learning and cups are scalable 3 in 1. A mug with 3 essential accessories: the beak pierced duck kind, the adapter to drink by the glass without spilling any, then the only cup.

How to choose?

The first thing that catches us as parents is the color and the shape of the cup before its learning opportunities. Warning, if we should not be guided by the price, we must nevertheless remain sensitive to value. The material used, we must be vigilant and choose a product manufactured without BPA (Bisphenol A propylene). The cup must be adapted to the age of the child to be with a baby bottle nipple if the baby is very young, or start with the duck-billed on a cup culbuto if it has at least 6 months. Indeed, the roly allows the cup will not lie down and empty, it automatically goes back keeping the liquid at the bottom. The accessory is removable roly on many models but within the cup in others.

In Daily Use

This drinking cup is very useful to go quietly, serenely from water bottle to thermos flask! This is an unbreakable cup, often inrenversable that can be entrusted safely to the child. A restriction, however, it is best not to entrust him in bed It is possible to give the baby to breakfast in his cup, sitting in his high chair, but it is best to start using it at the time to drink during meals. Gradually, as the speed at which it operates, you can go to the accessory or only keep the cup. The children of the same family do not present the same precocity to pass the cup or glass.

To Each His Evolutionary Cup

It is better to buy a new cup for each child not to reuse for the youngest, the cup of the elder. Often the cup pass from the dinette table. When the child needs it more, he uses it for his security blanket or stuffed animals, it is also a way to evolve it. When one buys a scalable cup for a very young child, be careful to wear plastic, it is also recommended to wash these cups by hand rather than machine washing the dishes that the aged plastic prematurely!