Diving Flashlight LED Lenser D14 Black

Provided with an axial collimator, this flashlight for scuba diving and has an exceptional ability. Provided with a head high quality steel and impact-resistant plastic body made unbreakable.


Diving flashlight German brand Led Lenser D14 black reference model 7457-M.

It is provided with an axial collimator having a capability approach that has hitherto been considered impossible. AND

l head is of high quality steel and has a shock-resistant plastic body made unbreakable. It has a magnetic switch for easy handling even with gloves.

It is powered with 4 Batteries (AA) that provide more than 50 hours of light. The LED chip has a lifespan of 100,000 hours.



LED High End Power LED

Length 160 mm.

Weight 220 gr.

A 150 lumens luminous flux

4 x AA 1.5v feed back

Power reserve 16.8 Wh.

Autonomy 20 h.

Reaches 180 m.

Data Source: http://www.travelationary.com/sports-entertainment_investigator-led-flashlight/