Drink Cups for Toddlers

Good I try to be a reasonable Mommy-I try because my budget is tight – but sometimes I crack, I don’t think, and I make an impulse purchase like that! Especially if it’s for something that costs less than £10. So when the small end has to do the transition from bottle to the sippy cup I thought not too. I was in France and I stopped taking a Cup at Carrefour, not too familiar with the criteria I thought taking a brand I’d heard (not the cheapest) it should go very well… error! No, but that’ll teach me to be spontaneous.

Good cup that I bought is very functional and the small end is doing very well with. He drinks without problems and is doing even with small cups plastic for several months. The problem? ben the biggest problem is when we by MOP in (often)… The Cup is leaking and not a little, it leaks a lot! Oh the little bit he’s delighted, he thinks it’s very funny: shake, shake, shake and we look at the mother’s head. And the head of MOM, what happens? Oh she is jaded MOM head… She doesn’t scream, and she said to herself: «pfff, heck…» I’m doing me on this one. You’re going to want to that I bought one.

But it is not the top of my priorities then pending, I play Inspector gadget and I put a small piece of paper towels to block leaks. It does not my son to make a real show water whenever he needs hydration but good this winter, I think that ca amusing a lot less… and then block the Cup in the basket of the stroller so that the Cup is empty in my bag and drown my phone (yes because if my phone was drowning would be TERRIBLE).

The other thing is that the handles move and now it is going there 13 months, he understood how it worked but he has really struggled at the beginning the small end. How many times I have seen frowning trying to stabilize his cup and do not call MOM to the rescue: “no, MOM, I can do it alone.” I don’t need you”(Yes the piece has a strong character!).

Oh and then, course there is something else: the music element. Yes because it’s not only a water show… it is also a pleasure for the ears! His xylophone it is cool but the Cup spout, on her highchair “boom, boom, boom.” Is not to say, he has the sense of rhythm Junior! and then if we add the splash, splash when he drained his Cup on the table half… HAPPINESS (for him, not for me)!

But hey… I’m strong to deny reality and that maybe (just maybe) I’ll be wrong about this purchase. Well… except mid-July I went to the birthday of all the children in my antenatal class (and Yes we’re all still buddies – and it’s a pretty small group of 8 children of the same age to near 4 weeks). And here, the little ones enjoyed themselves to share their cups to beak. I was watching from a distance and I have to admit that my cup was really not the best…

Good in the end I was lucky, I got two cups to test: the ‘first sip’ and “easy drink” Cup of tommee tippee. And the I when even understood the difference!Reviewed below:

Two cups design is simple and no frills (for me it is a plus!) we can stick it in her bag without fear that a leaking-yeaaaaah! Two cups are dishwasher safe and easy to sterilize.
They have two handles easy to catch, they are not slippery.

The differences between the first sip and easy drink Cup?

Apart from the content, the (smaller) first sip has removable handles and is graded, which brings closer the bottle or the shape of the breast of mother.
The drink cover for the water bottle is detachable, which means that I would lose it-soon-but hey… I’m sure there’s a reason (I just don’t know which)*)
But the biggest difference is the shape of the beak , which is designed for each stage of baby’s development.
Otherwise the Cup easy drink has a flexible, plastic base which muffles the noise when your mini-me will tap on the table (they all do).

And of course don’t forget to check the State of the Cup before each use and do not hesitate to throw in case of damage or weakness.

Cup first sip-6 months and more (150ml)

  • Easy to drink-dixit the small end
  • Anti-leakage-dixit MOM
  • Flexible spout-good for gums seen the way in which the small beak machonne (it should not I know, it seems that ca increases the risk of caries…)
  • Easy-grip, anti-slip and removable handles
  • Graduated – so can be used to transition bottle/Cup.
  • Price found: approx.€8.99

Asy Drink Cup – 7-12 months (260ml)

  • Easy to drink
  • Anti-leakage
  • Flexible spout
  • Easy-grip, anti-slip handles
  • Folding cover