Drinking Water While Tripping

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Water can convey an impressive number of diseases. 80% of diseases contracted on a trip have for origin of infected water! Hence the need to drink healthy drinking water during your travels. Let me explain how!

{UPDATE: this article was published in 2013, updated December 2015}

During my trip to India a few years ago, I contracted amoebas. Terrible… The origin? Contaminated water used for cooking or a dish…

Drinking water on a trip should be a thoughtful Act. Of course, it depends on your destination and your way of traveling.

Travel: mineral water or tap water?

It’s often the big question on a trip. A legitimate question.

In Europe, no worries. Certainly, the tap water can sometimes have a not very pleasant taste, enough chlorine. This is the case sometimes in Spain.

In the countries of the “South”, really, should opt for bottled water. Don’t take any chances.

For some fairly developed, the question may arise. The quality of water also depends on the region where you are. For example, in Colombia, drink water from the tap is not problem in cities like Bucaramanga mountains. In these cities, water comes to the base of the mountains.So far, I drink filtered water.

On the other hand, on the coast, it is very different…

If you ask a local if the tap water is good for consumption, it may give you an answer that is not very appropriate. Indeed, if himself consumes and he has never been sick, it is perhaps that there intestinal flora as a result. In short, you frail little Westerners, you may get sick.

The ideal is to know expatriates to seek their views. They will have a notice more suited to your case, necessarily.

In the mountains, the thing is easier. If you are in altitude, close a Summit and a source springs all close, as a general rule, you can drink. However, it is best to filter it or treat it.

The tips to not get sick

Avoid icicles. In many countries, bars systematically add ice cubes in your glass. Specify that you don’t want.

Avoid home made drinks, like the lassi in India. It is difficult, if not impossible, to verify if the used water is mineral water…

There is also a risk to eat some salads and uncooked vegetables. They can be washed with contaminated water. Prefer cooked vegetables.

Peel fruit or wash them with water.

If at a meeting, your host offers you a drink, or a drink of his own, refuse. Sometimes it’s hard, but it is better not to take any chances. Some diseases contracted by contaminated water can last a long time… Answer you have intestinal disorders, it works well.

Make sure that the bottle of mineral water is uncapped in front of you by SOCIETYPICALLY, or by your own hands. Selling water in a used bottle is a common practice in India for example. I talk about in my last guide “110 scams on a trip.

It seems that drinking soda or one more.

Equipment for drinking water on a trip

The simplest method is to boil your water (in a clean container!). The problem is that in practice, it is not easy.

There are two types of accessories to make drinking water on a trip.

The tablets to disinfect water

These pellets can eliminate bacteria. They are to use if you are not 100% sure of the quality of the water you drink. They are to be used for example:

  • To consume the tap water in countries at risk
  • To consume the water of a river.

The taste of your water is not very pleasant, but well, it’s for a good cause! Note that it takes up to two hours before the product is really.

Is compact and inexpensive. And this can really help out if you make a trek and you are short of water.

For my part, I always have a little box in my bag. Do not buy these tablets in pharmacies, but on the net, cheaper!

This product is also available in powder.

Filters for water for the trip

The top, is to bring a water bottle filter, an accessory is particularly suitable if you intend hiking during your trip.

There are many on the market.

I’ll explain how this type of gourd taking the example of the filter flask Alter Ego, this is the one I personally use for several weeks.

A cartridge inside will filter contaminants : fluorine, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc. For Alter Ego, the filter used is the charcoal of coconut shell activated by pyrolysis. This gourd at the same time keep the minerals from your water.

Everything is in a cartridge that needs to be renewed regularly, here, all 385 litres.

The highlights of this gourd:

  • It filters9999% of contaminants for the Globe Trotter filter.
  • The plastic is bis phenol A.O ne more for your health, because as you know, this material is accused of many evils.

You take water from a river for example and presto, it is automatically filtered, you can drink without waiting.

I quite like the design also. In addition, you can easily attach it to your bag with a strap.

I’ve hosted there is little Antoine, a traveler met at the Chile in January. Ending his trip to Colombia, there, during a walk in the Park of Tairona, bu enough standing water from a river.

As he told me himself, he made a mistake by not using micropure. Result, he is ill and has to take antibiotics.

And you, what is your practice? Advice to add to drink water on a trip?