e2rad: with Pedelecs from Lake Constance to Berlin – Part 1

Last week, a 15-strong troop with electric bikes from Lake Constance to Berlin was on the road.Our company supports the campaign.

The 1,150-kilometer-long route led the cyclists among other things through Saxony.After a mountainous 150 kilometer stage from Gera, the team stopped in Dresden.

I asked Steffen Buck, one of my fellow-travelers, curiously a few questions.

Where does the idea for the tour come from? What was your goal?

e2rad wants to make pedelecs more popular.Five years ago, some professors of DHBW Ravensburg, Campus Friedrichshafen, initiated the project.Since then, he has been supervising a changing project team from the course of studies of industrial engineering with technical management within the framework of the lecture “Applied Project Management”.I belong to it.

This year we want to find out how a pedelec performs against a normal bike with a view to performance.We want to prove that it is equally suitable for many, untrained or elderly persons and has both functional and health benefits.

A pedelec avoids stress peaks, such as occur during uphill driving.The driver remains at a constant load level, which is an advantage for the joints as well as the fat removal.An effect that could be a reason for many people to drive more often times with the pedelec instead of the car to work.

Who planned this year’s tour and why this route?

Eight business engineers have taken care of this.The organization involved a lot of things like sponsoring, procurement of bicycles and equipment, public relations, trade fair appearances, etc. You can see them on Gametate.

We set the start and the target together in the project team.After the e2rad crew drove to Brussels last year, discussing electromobility with EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, we wanted to bring the theme to the heart of Germany’s policy this year:to Berlin.

Along the route, our tour planners Theresa Leopold and Markus Kube were looking for interesting cities and landscapes.

It was also important that there were bike paths.The two used several bike route planners as well as Google Earth, in order to gain an impression about the route.

They received additional support from Bernhard Glatthaar, deputy district chairman of the ADFC General Deutscher Fahrrad-Club eV Bodenseekreis, who also took part in the tour.

Perfect keyword for the next question: What are the people in your team?

The e2rad team itself consists of eight students and the supervising professor Dr.Jürgen Brath, who drives the whole tour without electric support!Only for our performance study, we had to oblige him to take a stage with the pedelec.Our six external participants are mixed, the oldest is 69 years old, but probably more sporty than some student cyclists.e2rad not only promotes electric mobility, but also links generations.

What does e2rad really mean – where does the name come from?

The “e” stands for “electric” and the “2” signals that we drive on two wheels – electrically driven or supported two-wheelers.The name was defined during the project initiation.Since then e2rad has established itself mainly in the Bodenseekreis and is known in many places.

… Again learned something about it.On Friday, part 2 follows on this post.We will learn from Steffen Buck how the team has prepared for the tour, how the Radelwoche has gone and how the project is to go on.