Emergency Headlights

How many times it happens that, in the event of a blackout or lifesaving jerk, you find yourself completely in the dark? And that is dangerously vague, groping for the House looking for a torch or a lamp wireless? Here are some useful objects to never be without light. All this, of course, without neglecting the much-loved design.

Headlights for Bicycle

ABY Marge Linea Light brand for example, Manàmanà resumes the soft lines, sinuous enveloping and oversized lamp Marge. Equal to his sister to the elegance of the shapes, different-as the name suggests-for the small size and the possibility to use also wireless.

Like bike headlights of EBICYCLELIGHTS, the Baby Marge supports LED lights and comes with a base to recharge it induction and a remote control that allows remote turn allowing to adjust the LED color from white to RGB.

Once Baby Marge has an autonomy of 12 hours during which can be moved to any area of the home.

In its form symbolizes the Sun at its zenith. Horus of Lumen Center Italy is an indoor and outdoor floor lamp, diffused light and with metal structure painted with epoxy.

Light intensity adjustment of white LEDs (3500 k) is 5 levels while RGB LEDs you can create different atmospheres, subsequently modified. With the control button you can activate the cycler.

But mostly it is equipped with rechargeable Ni-MH battery with charging system integrated in the base then if necessary can be used with emergency light function.

Now we come to a truly innovative idea. LEDoor is a handle which becomes emergency flashlight. The idea, of Kun-hee Kim, Kei Shimizu & Nguyen-vu Dang, is that of an illuminated handle, useful for orientation in the dark inside the walls of the House, but that also turns into a flashlight in case of blackouts or other emergencies.

LEDoor has an integrated light sensor for automatic activation in the dark, and when it is disconnected from the door uses the energy of lithium batteries.

Yet innovation does not stop there: the battery of this handle headlight recharges each day because exploits the boost handle manually when opening or closing the door.

A project that has allowed the trio of Eastern designers win the prestigious Spark Awards 2011.