Emma Is on the Hunt for The lead in the World Cup

Road: after spending the last week at Chongming Iceland outside Shanghai, China, is Emma Johansson now ready for the fifth World Cup this year.

She has prepared by running the three-day Tour of Chongming Iceland where she became four total. However, it was not a competition without any problems then Emma suffered food poisoning the night before the final stage.

“I have felt in good shape and the trip to China went without problems but on the night of Friday was a disappointment and I to moistened food poisoning would prevent the start of the final stage of the Tour of Chongming Iceland and the World Cup. Fortunately, it was quickly over. I started the last stage which was not so long, without sleep, and on an empty stomach. It took on the forces and I have basically been sleeping since then, says Emma Johansson who both had time to work out and eat well today Saturday.

“I feel ready for tomorrow and hope I reach my goal, which is to take over the lead in World Cup standings. I have not traveled all the way to China as a tourist, ends a purposeful Emma.

Emma Johansson is ahead of the fifth World Cup in third place in the abstract.