Emma Johansson Won the Spanish Stage Race

By road: The two-time Swedish Champion has won the Spanish stage race Eukameen Euskal Bira. With a third-place finish at the final fourth stage she cemented his overall victory.

The two-time Swedish Champion Emma Johansson went up in the lead for the Spanish road race Eukamen Euskal Bira after winning the second stage in a sprint finish against Elissa Longo Borghini. With a dominant performance in the individual time trial on stage three and a third place in a fyramannasprint on the final stage four, she was able to secure overall victory.

A satisfied Jack:

“This is a huge victory for me. It is a particularly important victory since all the big names took part in this competition. I have had a number of podium positions this year and I’m very happy to finally win this way. It was so important to win final victory today. I had to do it, and there was no other choice.

With a motto that reads as follows, it is understandable that a victory in a big stage race would finally go Emma Johansson’s way:

– A winner is a loser who was willing to fail and get up, get up, fail and fail and fail and get up, get up and win.

The victory in Eukameen Euskal Bira means Emma Johansson’s first final victory in a stage race and fifth of the season. Admitted directeur sportif of ORICA-AIS Dave McPartland is very happy with their riders.

– Emma deserved to win. She was at the forefront all day long and was overall the strongest rider. I’m very glad for her sake.