Experts Advise: Becoming a Quick Witted!

Alexandra Strobel is 35 and works as a product manager in Munich.With her life she’s satisfied, because not these moments where she would-like to counter with an original slogan but just can’t think of anything you. No problem! Let’s not hang our experts!

The starting situation: Since the entry into working life, Alexandra fear to be not quick witted enough. It started with the pressure to survive in a male-dominated world of trading. Increasingly gave way to calculated thinking her spontaneity. Just make no mistake, she goes the first step today in talks, and rarely, feels inhibited and stiff in groups.Also a Smalltalk, professionally or privately, will often not quite succeed.

Loud is the inner voice that asks: what would be interesting, what funny? Although Alexandra is very slim, she wears no figure-hugging clothes-out of concern that she could be addressed and then not glibly respond. Alexandra says: “I admire all who have the laughs on their side. In loose groups situations, my head is as empty swept. “Even flirt, a flattery skillfully return or bounce off an attack at me can I can’t at all.”

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It advises the communications coach

Alexandra is afraid to make a fool of themselves before others, she need more confidence. She gets by she remembers a situation in which she was very quick witted. She can draw on this good feeling, to go in unfamiliar circumstances, to try.

Here to stay left, movement meditation helps. Overlooking North, for example the right leg is set forward, increasingly burdened, while resting the left hand on the abdomen and right arm in a flowing motion at shoulder height is extended forward. It breathes through the nose and out through the mouth. All points of the compass are gone through.

Alexandra builds up in their everyday life, she learns to turn off inhibiting thoughts and consciously perceive their body sensations. So it remains present for their spontaneous and natural response.

Veronika Herrmann, trainer and coach for communication and body work, Munich

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It advises the stylist

When Alexandra feels more comfortable in her skin, she wins a selbstsichereres occurrence-a prerequisite for repartee. Alexandra is a delicate girlishand type. Their vulnerability is the flat Po, but with a few tricks it can stand.

The basics: Pants with back pockets get volume. Plain clothes or combinations of tone on tone let visually larger work Alexandra with their 1.63. Also in Accessories, she should pay attention to the proportions. Large pockets are unfavourable, filigree ornaments should be.

Alexandra is a summer type. You are colors such as blue, lilac, rose and delicate shades of red. Makes you look fresher, younger and more dynamic. Because their eyes are somewhat closely, it should slightly darker the outer corner of the eye and the inner lighter shade, the look appears fresh.

The stylist, Sylvia Karl, woman styling, founder of the woman styling and stylist, Munich

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It advises the personal trainer

A boxing workout for more quick wit? No. Lack of quick wit often results from inner tension. Alexandra complains of neck tension. So use a mixture of mobilization-, relaxation, mobility and strength training.

For example following exercise: sitting or standing, bend your hands with palms upward at shoulder height, stretch arms straight upwards, turn palms to each other and slowly to each other. The same way slowly back. Repeat the whole 8-12 times. Then to the left and right tilt the head, which counter shoulder to pull down. This relaxes the neck muscles.

Targeted training trains the body posture, self-perception and body language. Alexandra becomes a body-conscious attitude and occur correspondingly relaxed and confident.

The Personal trainer Anja Sieber, Dipl. sports expert and physical trainer, Munich

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…und brought it to this:

After a week

I had already guessed it: the reason for my missing repartee is mostly my lack of self-confidence. But now I have ideas on how I can do something about it for the first time. Ms. Herrmann has encouraged me to enter consciously into group situations. It is still very difficult for me. However, I have had some small success experiences.

As a man I gave to such as in a meeting his huge hand me and said: “You have but a small hand!” Sure I returned smiling: “well, I’m otherwise also not so big.” It was a nice experience, because I could respond to such a remark for the first time and was behind huge proud! This is a minor detail, but experiences like this strengthen me, if it’s working times not so good.

The first date with my personal trainer also was surprisingly inspirational. I am intensely asked and get my long-cherished goal of becoming fitter, a little closer to. Trainer, succeeds at the right moment to motivate me so I mobilize my last reserves, great!

I was very curious appointment on the styling. It was exciting to learn what colors are available to me and which are not. The subsequent Consulting was also very interesting, but also disconcerting. Many clothes, of which I was convinced, I don’t like dress-my sinfully expensive suit has such a narrow, calf-length pants, but shortens my legs visually.

Class was the small make-up course. I had never professional instructions and was surprised how different I am doing when I’m really great – of course – wearing makeup. It was the first time I put on makeup, and contrary to my belief that it artificially looks so I felt really good. Right after that I already noticed that a good looks will help me with a more assertive and schlagfertigerem occur.

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After a month

Only things that are advantageous for me, Slim pants and skirts, for example-with the new style, I’m actually much more comfortablehanging in my closet. Also I put to make-up, powder and concealer me and use it every day, it makes me a bit sovereign.

I have built also the movement meditation in everyday life: by focusing on movement and breathing, I can finally disable. But above all I must grapple me deliberately with my bodily sensations. Time-it was appalling, that I could not describe how I feel physically, if I’m in a bad situation.

I have butterflies, heart palpitations, me is cold or warm? I couldn’t tell. Now I have learned to listen in my body. I suddenly noticed that I pull the shoulders with stress which cramp me inside and causes neck tension and headaches.

Now I can avoid that and am mentally relaxed. This is a positive effect on my conversations: I ponder anymore, what I could say, became much more spontaneous. Also, I have a feeling that the most conversations are positive and take longer: the business conversation is suddenly becoming the Smalltalk. Super comfortable!

Also the staff training was very motivating. I now know what attitude I effect openly and confidently. The back and stretching, strengthen and relax. For sustainable success must I continue training well, but I have a solid base and the courage to stay tuned. After four weeks, a start has been made.

I learned to relate everything to me and to take things more relaxed.Yesterday for example, I was walking on the road and came a parked a car driver in the way-I waved to him and laughed at him. Four weeks ago, I would have pondered whether my gestures seem ridiculous-yesterday but I stand above everything. A good feeling.