Famous Dutch Cyclists

Undoubtedly, Mr Janssen has the second largest biker Netherlands ever had. Only Joop Zoetemelk a complete honor roll than Janssen. Both are the only Dutch, who have won the Tour de France, but also the only countrymen in the Vuelta a España has to his credit. Incidentally Jansen ran three times points jersey to Paris, became world champion and won several classics. A very complete rider.

Biography January Janssen

Cycling Functions
Mr Janssen is a real all-rounder. Although he was not as fast as competitor Darrigade in the sprint, but Janssen can really win a sprint. He won three times the points jersey of the Tour. Initially, he was always for the general classification, but when it failed, he focused on the jersey for sprinters. In the Vuelta twice, he won points shirt. In addition, Janssen was no real Trialist as his rival Jacques Anquetil. But the most important time trial of his life, the last time trial of the Tour de France in 1968, was the fastest of the entire field. He not only won the time trial but also the Tour. His greatest victory.
Mr Janssen was not a real climber Federico Bahamontes his contemporaries, but he won the famous mountain stage of the Tour de France ever. On July 13, 1967 Tom Simpson died on the slopes of Mont Ventoux. A tragic event that everyone can still remember, but who won the ride? Right; Mr Janssen. They had to keep trail Mont Ventoux in a selected few. After the descent was the finish of the valley. With good odds Janssen won the sprint of the remaining real climbers with water bottles for cyclists.
Why Janssen was a world-class cyclist? He was perhaps the best between the ears. He had a good understanding speed and excellent mentality. He could really suffer and bite their opponents. That’s why he was so difficult to solve in the climb. Moreover, he tried the key riders in the peloton to remain good friends as Jacques Anquetil.Janssen left the Frenchman ever to win a major French criterion. Anquetil later paid him back by running close a gap in the Tour of the Netherlands, so that Janssen could still write stage race in his own country to his name.
Greatest victories and biggest disappointments
in 1964 Mr Janssen won his first major event, the World Cup. In 1966, he appeared on his way to victory in the Tour de France. But in the yellow jersey he made ​​in an Alpine stage a crucial mistake. Early on, he sat relaxed in the back of the pack, while some competitors drove away. Despite all efforts Janssen lost too much time. Aimar won the Tour in 1966, Janssen was second. A very hard lesson for the Dutchman in the big stage races.
This lesson came to him a year later to hand. In 1967, he rode his first Tour of Spain and with great success. He had taken the negative experience of Tour’66 and rode it to victory. He also won points shirt. This was the first Dutchman Mr Janssen, who wrote a great lap to his name. Later that year, Mr Janssen wanted love to be the world champion of his home crowd in Heerlen. In the sprint he got half a wheel short against the great talent emerging Eddy Merckx. This setback would later prove to be a blessing in disguise.
1968, you can earn a living wage as a cyclist, but entry fees and premiums criterion was a welcome addition to the annual salary. You can as a rider are two ways to earn good money “around the church.” Or by good results in the Tour or by acting as world champion in the beginning. Mr Janssen had decided that he would not ride the 1968 Tour, when he became world champion in 1967. But since he finished second at the World Cup, he had to go to the 1968 Tour, when he wanted to secure its market value in the lucrative criterion. The history of the Tour 1968 is known.Janssen became the first Dutchman to the Tour. It would never have happened if he Merckx at the World Championships in Heerlen in 1967 had defeated.
Later it turns out that 1968 was the last chance for Janssen of success in the Tour since the 1969 Merckx was lord and master of the Tour de France. Life can sometimes take a strange turn. For despite all the other victories was the life of John Smith after the summer of 1968 does not compare it. Under the criterion “Eight of the Cham” were reportedly 80,000 people celebrate the 1968 Tour winner!

Honors and awards


  • First place: 1964
  • Second place: 1967
  • Third place: –

Tour de France

  • First place: 1968
  • Second place: 1966
  • Third place:-
  • Points classification: 1964, 1965, 1967
  • Mountain Classification: –
  • Stage Wins: 7

Back to Spain

  • First place: 1967
  • Second place: –
  • Third place: –
  • Points classification: 1967, 1968
  • Mountain Classification: –
  • Stage Wins: 3

Mr Janssen never rode the Giro d’Italia. He usually rode for French teams who preferred to competitions such as Daufiné in May.
Other key games

  • Championship of Zürich 1962
  • Paris-Nice 1964
  • Bordeaux-Paris 1966
  • Paris-Roubaix 1967


  • Dutch sportsman of the year 1968
  • Dutch cyclist of the year in 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Mr Janssen was in the book Jean Nelissen with the best riders ever 100 at position 27 and Wilfred Luijckx in the book “Top 100 of cycle” position 24 “.