Filson Creates the Definitive Backpacks

For lovers of photography outdoor or those who wish to have a backpack to carry photographic equipment without falling into the typical black classic and almost everyone wears, the Filson outdoor equipment manufacturer has developed which calls definitive backpacks and his objective in the design and manufacture of the same is that were backpacks wishing to carry the great photographers of the agency Magnum Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey, so it was with them for the design process.

Filson bag in collaboration with David Alan Harvey

Steve McCurry I had in mind when designing the backpacks, the concept of minimalism, not add pockets and recovechos, but you are looking for minimal essence to have only what is needed and is essential “functionality is more important than style. The organization is very important, especially in photography. Actually you can not be underestimated. You need a system that is second nature, as a reflection, so you are thinking about the image or the situation and not the team. You want to have total concentration on work, not go groping for things. That would be counterproductive.” Messenger backpack designed in collaboration with Steve McCurry

Harvey, good mistress of minimalism, wanted a backpack that offer durability and portability, declared: “I am a single camera, a single lens, I’ve always been so, so really I carry this with me. There is almost nothing in my backpack”. “Photographers tend to think that they need much more things in their bags that actually used. They are imagining pockets and filling and all that. I didn’t want any embellishment on it, since each additional zipper which adds, adds more weight”. Backpack Tote designed in collaboration with Steve McCurry

Today day 1 may 2014 collection launches at prices between 245 and 425 dollars, a price not cheap but the signature ensures that they are designed “to go to hell and back”. May the words of the factory not us be much confidence that it is logical to their desire to sell… but I doubt that two photographers such as McCurry and Harvey have put your name and time in a product that could disappoint consumers and followers of his work.

Source: Petapixel