Fitness Accessories for More Sports Fun

These Fitness Accessories look old dumbbells to help for more fun during training. Seven trends for the home workout.

Fitness Accessories: 1 Smart cable

This thing used to be called simply skipping rope, today there are the “digital rope”: it counts jumps, stops the exercise duration and calculated calorie consumption. Like I train it? One or beidbeinig jumping, build Grätsch-or step-by-step movements which raise knee or cross the arms to the body. Ideal as a warm-up before the strength workout. What is it? Strengthens the leg and butt muscles, brings the cardio vascular system neatly into the swing and improves coordination. About our site 14.95 euro, in red, blue, green

Fitness Accessories: 2. fuel

Classics, reinterpreted: red fabric weights are filled with per one kilogram quartz sand, made of organic material, and have a practical handhold in woman’s hand size. Like I train it? The fabric weights spice strength exercises due to the additional weight on. And they can be used as mini weights: each hand a barbell, then lift or hold, push or pull. What is it? Strengthens arm, shoulder, neck, and chest muscles depending on the exercise. About our site, 25.90 euro in a double pack

Fitness Accessories: 3. MAT to go

Handy for on the go-“Yoga-Paws” replace the Yoga mat. The gloves and booties are made from the same material, non-slip, padded and also environmentally friendly. Like I train it? Put on gloves and booties, Velcro close, and are already a sun salutation, dog and Cobra on almost any surface possible-both indoor and outdoor. What is it? Space savings in the suitcase: travel mobile have your mat is always doing. Via our site, from 29.80 EUR

Fitness Accessories: 4. sporting stone

‘Stonies’ weigh between 0.5 and 2.5 kilograms and are slightly larger than a tennis ball. This let them are lighter than dumbbells in your hands and avoid bad posture in the wrist. Like I train it? The Stonies support traditional strengthening exercises for the upper body. You can be kept E.g. during ab exercises on the ground in the hands and to provide additional effects, or are used as weights for the arm workout. What is it? Strengthens the arm, shoulder, chest or back muscles depending on the usage. Via our site, from 10.90 euro

Fitness Accessories: 5. moving Board

Function full-body workouts is the trend. The “balance Board” makes it easy for us, because thanks to the round bottom we need to balance our balance constantly-it works the muscles. Like I train it? One or beidbeinig be without shoes on the Board and squats, for example. In floor exercises feet or hands on the balance board support, to provide additional training stimuli. What is it? Full body strengthening, strengthens the core muscles in particular, also trains the coordination and balance. By Sissel, via our site, 24.90 euro exercise Tip: Center put on the Board with your right leg, bend the right knee slightly, stretch both arms horizontally to the pages. With the left stretched leg draw first small, then larger look forward and back slowly into the air. 10-20 times, then change sides.

Fitness Accessories: 6 foot-ball

Down smooth, top noppig-there’s the Hedgehog ball (known as massage ball) now available for training. The “spiky dome” functional “wiggle workout” makes a normal workout. Thanks to the pimples is a soothing foot massage included. Like I train it? Replace the stand or support surface for strength exercises with two Hedgehog balls, stand with both feet barefoot on the balls, or hold with the hands on it. What is it? Strengthens especially the trunk muscles, but also all major muscle groups, ensures balance, coordination and body awareness. By Sissel, via our site, 19.90 euros in a two set. Exercise Tip: In the quadrupedal position a hedgehog ball under his right knee. Horizontal lift right arm and left leg. Right elbow and left knee under body lead together, make a Katzenbuckel. Back stretch, 10 to 20 times again, then change the page.

Fitness Accessories: 7 bouncy castle point

Effective training requires no heavy equipment, the “agility dots” prove it: non-slip points for skill exercises, to the ground. Like I train it? The markings are used for jumping and coordination exercises, for example you can back and jump between the points on one or both legs. What is it? Strengthens the leg and butt muscles, but also the fuselage, improved balance and coordination and quickness and reaction depending on the exercise. About our site, 24.90 euro for six dots. Exercise Tip: Place four points in a semicircle on the floor. Two foot lengths are located in the center of the circle on the left leg. The right foot touches stretch the first point, right arm upward. Upper body bend forwards and same point with his right hand touch the right foot but not put off. Body erect, with his right foot, the next point touch and so on. Tap each point with hand and foot, then change the page.

An article from BRIGITTE magazine 5/2012 tea er photo: photos: PR text: Michaela Rose illustration: skizzomat