Swimming Techniques

In swimming There is one very important thing, the technique. It’s not like running, although the technique is regular you can get good marks. In swimming if there is a half-decent technique by much resistance and good form we have the strokes will not be efficient and we will make little progress.

If you have chosen swimming to get back in shape or increase your performance the first thing we have to evaluate is whether our technique is good enough to get to swim long followed.

If technique leaves a lot to wish a good choice is to put us in classes to improve the technique, in almost all of the pools there are three levels: initial, medium and advanced. We just have to assess which groups get.

When we started to apply the swimming technique correctly developments are impressive, with each stroke moves as well as being double what did before and the fatigue is not so pronounced. It is the difference between swimming in any way or know how to make the development of stroke and the coordination of feet.

And yet, if your swimming level is acceptable, is never over take the table or the pull-boy and remember technique exercises that do not appear rare defects that weaken the quality of our swim.

Already by itself, when long time know anything and we started to get volume, in the last few minutes pass technique into the background because of fatigue. Imagine then a bad technique and fatigued, the swim can be the most inefficient and the next day will appear pains in rare locations by the movements and positions that were adopted.