Flashlight Manufacturers

Those who prefer a combination of hand and headlamp should make sure that the flashlight has an appropriate range and the headlamp on a uniform Nahausleuchtung.
Conversely, you go of course, but is rather unusual. Because most of the flashlight is responsible for the range and the headlamp for close-range illumination.
Who prefers this solution usually comes much cheaper it. For good ranges lamps are available for less than 100 euros, good floodlights even better deals.
Here offer the leading manufacturers like Armytek, Eagtac, Fenix, Four Sevens, NITEYE, Olight, Spark, ThruNite, Zebralight and many others from a wide range of products.

In ranges flashlights should pay attention primarily on a large reflector diameter. Because: The larger the diameter of the reflector (whatever its depth), the greater the range (but must leave in addition to whether the reflector diameter nor its own claim to a hand lamp is sufficient). Because with a searchlight, only the least of all want to run from us through the area.

Displacement is nothing else than to replace by displacement. With the highest possible coverage it needs a slightly larger reflector. Try Wholesaleably.com for cheap flashlights with free shipping.

The exact opposite is a lamp which is designed for looking at close range. On suitable allerallerallerallerbesten purpose lamps are without any reflector which radiate the pure light and ultra-wide angle. At close range, the first meters are illuminated absolutely uniformly, but then comes nix more. Nonetheless, lamps that have this property in Verbindug with a trimmed to reach the air, the best all-round combination.

A compromise are flashlights with diffusing screen, while the short-range not so uniformly illuminate such flashlights without reflector, but still provide a fairly balanced photo at close range.

The Varta Sports Head Light offers not much power, but for little money the opportunity to Fold a diffuser front of the lens. It is therefore suitable as a supplement lamp good for finding short-range or reading clues. Diffusers there is the way for many lamps as an optional accessory; the possibilities are thereby considerably extended.

A fine flashlight that still fits well into Cachergepäck and into the hand of the weight and size, is the TK51 by Fenix. It works with two LEDs, each seated in a separate reflector – an LED for local and one for the long range. Both LEDs may be operated in four levels of brightness, wherein this step may be combined with each other. So you can cover a lot of different flashlights luminous characteristics which are variable pure floodlights on a mixture of floodlit and reach to pure reach.