Flat Cap Orange

One bottle of Extract-is worth a thousand plastic bottles!

Unfortunately, the extract in bottles is a long-term saatavuuskatkos. Currently we have no information about those very close to excellent bottles in the time of arrival. We apologize for the situation. We recommend the Sigg and Lifefactory series beverage bottles as an alternative to the extract bottles.

We regret very much the complications that arise from the fact that the extract bottle factory is in the process of developing pulloistaan even better, not at the moment ready to at all in the current versions. New enhancements to extract-water bottles arrive at the sale, therefore, until many months later.

Exhilarating Orange water bottle to refresh for sure, especially when the drink. The test and the use of stainless steel, resistant to Extract-water bottles are safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective choice. The stylish design Yksinkertaisuudessaankin a clear Extract-drinking bottles water tastes like water-and does not dissolve in any additional flavors or ingredients in a bottle (as in the case of the plastic bottles tends unfortunately to visit.

These water bottles are a great success achieved 100% BPA-free choice and not the great kemikaalikimaraa, which sold the bottles often trouble. Also, extract the beverage bottle cap is made of stainless steel-it is, in other words, an overall safe and high-quality drinking bottle, which, indeed, does not need to hide!

Extract-water bottle is a long-lasting life partner that will last (and the Viewer) to the Hill, to test themselves and fall in love!