Formentera is one of the Balearic Islands, which is only 40 minutes by boat from Ibiza. Is a must for anyone who is in this region, and certainly one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.


The water never saw blue like that, is so strong that seems artificial. And the sand is so white that contrasts with the color of the sea looking like a painting. Really a must!

For those who don’t have much time, you can meet and enjoy the island in one day. The ideal is to go early. The Ibiza Marina, boats leave every half hour.

In the Marina of Formentera rental shops for various scooter, ATV or car. The best option is to bike or ATV, because you can enjoy the climate of the island and admire the beautiful visual along the way, in addition to being able to park anywhere.

Take a bag or a backpack with towels and water bottle, because in some places the beach is deserted and Formentera really do not have the same structure of Ibiza.

Oh, don’t be alarmed if you find people totally naked on the beaches. Not only the topless but total nudity is allowed!

With the bike, follow the signs to Ses Illetes, the road leads to the beaches that are easily seen from any corner of the island. Ask for an indication in any restaurant how to get on the end of the island where the sand advances the sea forming one end of the beach with sea on both sides. Is stunning. (below the tip of the beach with sea on both sides)

For lunch I recommend the restaurant Juan Y Andrea. Our site. The tables are standing in the sand and the food is very good. The white wine sangria is a good choice of beverage to accompany seafood is the specialty of the restaurant. (below the general restaurant and the view from the restaurant to the beach).

(staff file photo)